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Oregon Reports First Animal Anthrax Case In Over 50 Years

BY ROBERT HERRIMAN, Examiner – “For the first time in more than half a century, the state of Oregon is reporting the cause of death of some steer was from naturally occurring anthrax.

According to an Oregon Health Authority (OHA) news release Friday, one steer died from a herd in Klamath County. Oregon Department of Agriculture officials have been working to protect neighboring cattle. The steer identified with anthrax died August 22. Two other steers died at around the same time.

Oregon health officials say the anthrax cases pose no human public threat, the task will be to prevent cattle and other animals on neighboring ranches from being infected…

According to Oregon state veterinarian, Brad Leamaster, D.V.M., ‘The risk is minimal outside the affected ranch. Oregon has not had an anthrax case in animals in more than 50 years, but anthrax outbreaks are not uncommon in other parts of the Western United States.'” Read more.

Flashback: Colorado: First Anthrax Outbreak In 31 Years Kills Dozens Of Cows On Logan County Ranch – “Two more cows have died from anthrax exposure in northeast Colorado, expanding the first outbreak of the disease in the state in 31 years to three ranches. Last week, 60 cows died on a Logan County ranch, where anthrax was positively identified in one animal. Officials say it’s likely they all died of the disease. The Colorado Department of Agriculture said Wednesday the additional cows were on two separate adjacent ranches. Both died from the disease.” Read more.

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