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Islamic Scholar: Barack Obama Is Dead Wrong About Islamic State, “They Are True Muslims”

Qur’an Sura 4:95, “Not equal are those believers [Muslims] who sit (at home) and receive no hurt, and those who strive and fight in the cause of Allah with their goods and their persons. Allah hath granted a grade higher to those who strive and fight with their goods and persons than to those who sit (at home) …”

According to Sura 4:95, Muslims who do not fight are inferior to Muslims who do. To fight “with their goods and their persons” is violent, physical warfare, evidenced by the fact that those who fight with their goods and their persons “slay and are slain” (Sura 9:111). According to Qur’an Sura 61:10-12, which was given in battle, “Allah” will forgive the sins of those who fight with their goods and persons. Forgive them how? “The sword is the key of heaven and hell; a drop of blood shed in the cause of Allah, a night spent in arms, is of more avail than two months of fasting or prayer: whosoever falls in battle, his sins are forgiven” (The “Prophet” Mohammed). According to Islam, the Islamic State is therefore not violating its teachings. It is putting them into practice. And the only way for the Islamic State to truly have nothing to do with Islam as Obama suggests is, ironically enough, if the Islamic State were to suddenly stop murdering, raping and pillaging for the cause of “Allah” and his idolatrous “prophet.” And that is something that will never happen …

Revelation 9:21, “And they did not repent of their murders or their sorceries [“φαρμακεία” – idolatry] or their sexual immorality or their thefts.”

By Paul Sperry, Investor’s Business Daily – “President Obama’s notion that the Islamic State is ‘not Islamic’ and that ‘no religion condones killing’ doesn’t square with the army of Muslims that the terror group is attracting. The CIA figures as many as 31,500 Muslims have joined IS.

It’s hard to believe there’s more than 30,000 serial killers in the world, including at least 2,000 in the West, and they’re all suddenly flocking together in search of victims. In the entire U.S., there are at most 50 active serial murderers by FBI estimates.

Clearly, something else is motivating all these Muslims, yet Obama insists it’s not their faith.

‘He is wrong,’ said Islamic scholar Dr. Muhammad Zareef.

‘They are true Muslims fighting in the cause of Allah,’ he added in an interview. ‘The Quran makes it very clear that a good and faithful Muslim has every reason to kill non-Muslims. ISIS and other groups like them take these verses into their hearts.’

The forbidden truth is, the Islam that IS practices is firmly rooted in Islamic scripture and sanctioned by Islam’s most influential scholars, says Zareef, who studied Islamic law for eight years after growing up in a devout Muslim home in the Mideast. Now living in the U.S., he became a reformer after 9/11.

‘One of the things that disturbed me most was the Quran made it very clear the only assurance of going to heaven is if a Muslim kills an infidel (unbeliever) in jihad or dies in jihad,’ he said, citing Surahs 2:190-193; 5:33-34; 8:39-41; 9:20; 9:29; 9:111; 9:123; 22:58-59; and 47:1-4, among other verses.

‘Muslims are instructed to use warfare to defend and promote Islam,’ explained Zareef, author of ‘Allah’s Plan for Muslims.’ ‘All unbelievers are regarded as being at war with Allah and his religion; therefore, they deserve to die. Muslims have permission to kill all who don’t believe in Allah.’

Jihadists, he says, are following the example of the Muslim prophet set forth in Al-Bukhari book 52 of the Hadith, a sacred text supplementing the Quran. They ‘are trying to honor Prophet Muhammad’s speech and the Quran verses by killing non-Muslims,’ he said. ‘And if I, as an ordinary Muslim, say anything against such violence, they will treat me the same way as they do non-Muslims.’

Zareef says the Quran ‘encourages terrorism’ against infidels, citing Surah 2:216, 243-244; 3:157-158; 4:74; 8:12; 9:5; and 47:4-6, while repeatedly directing jihadists to ‘smite at their necks.'” Read more.

  1. LtTawnyMadison
    09/19/2014 at 4:56 PM

    The points in this article about violence and the Islam faith seem to match up with a book my husband recently finished about Islam, and also with what I studied in school about it. I wanted to just share the most obvious thing that jumped out at me: that Obama’s statement that “no religion condones killing” is not only wrong in relation to Islam, but to Christianity and Judaism as well. (On the other hand, people who say that religion has engendered more deaths than any other cause are incorrect–if the stats on this page are correct: http://www.godandscience.org/apologetics/atrocities.html.)

    Christianity for its first 300 years followed Jesus’ pacifist teachings, and early Christians would not even join the army. But since then (after it became Rome’s official religion) it has not only condoned killing but has actively done it en masse from then until now… on an individual, ecclesiastical and governmental scale. And of course Judaism has been violent for its entire existence–by God’s orders according to them. Islam’s founding was an attempt to ‘merge’ Christianity and Judaism… and violence was sadly a key feature of both when Mohammed was born into a region where they were constantly fighting each other. His goal was to unite all people under one religion, and over time his methodology became violent: as his people spread and conquered lands, they gave the conquered a choice to either convert to Islam or be killed.

    Today, in all three of these religions their adherents hold various beliefs, some of which are violent and some of which are not, depending on how they interpret their sacred texts. And in any religion (or government, or other organization), extremist cults can form which have extreme beliefs, often leading to tragic ends and to people doing things they’d never otherwise do (as you know, I have an in-depth knowledge of cult methodology through extensive study as well as personal experience).

    I wanted to point all of that out because as we all know, when we point a finger, three fingers are pointing back at us… and the bullet points at the bottom of that article (after “Zareef’s stunning analysis explains a lot, including why:”) had a noxious odor of racial discrimination and extreme conspiracy theorism. It brought to mind the whole Japanese detainment travesty after Pearl Harbor, where loyal, innocent Japanese Americans were treated worse than criminals simply because of their country of origin. The vast majority of U.S. Muslims hold to non-violent interpretations of the Quran. But in reactionary paranoia (and the understandable lingering anger over 9/11), we–the people and the government–are tending toward treating U.S. citizens who are Muslim as if they are guilty until proven innocent instead of the other way around, which goes against everything this country was created to be and do to ensure freedom and justice for all–the very reason many Muslims live here. And the highly questionable conclusions this article draws only serve to fan flames of hatred, mistrust and mistreatment of people who do not deserve it!


    • Anonymous
      01/27/2015 at 3:39 PM

      You went completely off-topic and began talking about your class in Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Negating the words of someone who was raised in the mid east, belonged to the religion and studied sharia law for nearly 10 years(if you read the more recent article which enclosed this link in the article and took you to this one) Thereafter, you hypocritically did, what you accused, us Americans of doing and that is-judge. A little fact is that-facts speak for themselves and there are way too many too begin with here.

      Suffice to say, they torture their women, look below and/or kill or want to kill or condone killing of ‘unbelievers’, and even if muslim, they can still be killed if they speak out and disagree with the killings…hmmm funny, curious minds may have wondered about such islamic faith silence. Three fingers back at you.


  2. 09/20/2014 at 9:23 PM

    I am amazed to find that time and again I have proved myself to be correct in reaching my own conclusions about Islam ( not Muslim). I was thinking for a long time before reading the Quor’an that it is a holy book for all the Muslims just like the Bible for the Christians and the Tora for the Jews. I also thought that the whole Quor’an was a divine revelation from God at least from the Muslims’ perspective. But before sacrificing my valuable time in order to read the Quor’an, I always thought to read the Book with an open and unbiased mind so as to get the most of the goodness. By now I have become sick, frustrated and angry against all my Muslim friends for what I have read and understood. Nobody ever told me that it sanctions violence and murder of innocent people simply because they follow other faiths or they are free-minded. If the verses are genuine spiritual revelations, then I expect every sentence from the whole Book to be perfect and infallible. In light of so many verses teaching and guiding us to discriminate against non-Muslims and to go as far as killing them whenever an opportunity strikes can hardly convince any decent human being that they are actual commands from God or an Angel. It is therefore not surprising that the bulk of the 1.6/1.7/1.8 or 2 billion Muslims do not carry out these teachings and prefer to ignore them. Only the most wicked and vile humans can have the strength and courage to inflict social or corporeal harm on other fellow human beings. Political groups like ISIS/ISIL, Al Quai’da and Boko Haram and their supporters seem fit to qualify for this criterion but they can never represent the vast peaceful Muslim population since we the others could not have been co-existing with them for 1400 years. Let’s put it another way, if the vast majority of Muslims followed the teachings of Muhammed/ Mohammad word by word, then this world would have been in their hands a long time ago. But perhaps this is what exactly the pure adherents of Islam are trying to achieve, i.e., a total global domination by an Islamic theocracy under a Caliphate. In my humble opinion and for various reasons, this Islamic vision or goal is delusive as well as militarily
    impossible. Muslims in general and the Arab world are never united whether politically or in military capability. The Islamic faith is itself divided between those who are moderate and
    extreme. Other divisions like the Amadya, the Ismaelite, the Sufi and the Shit’e pray in separate mosques due to their different beliefs within Islam. Extreme Islamic insurgents wherever they exist do not tend to last for long as they are duly overwhelmed by Western powers. However, it is true that Islam spread rapidly during their early days in the 9th century onward. But it never fully penetrated any continent although it dominated vast areas of Asia, Europe and north Africa. Other civilisations have advanced more in sciences, technology and economy. As these advances will continue, it is unlikely that Islam will supersede all the rest and succeed to overpower the Western, Chinese and Indian economic, scientific and military powers. There is also in the moral nature of human being to look after each other when evil forces are at their worst. When this happens, It is always the case that good eventually triumphs over evil.


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