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ISIS Terrorist: “We Are A People Who Love Death … Who Love Drinking Blood” Of Enemies

Whether literally or not matters little. They do what they do for the “gory of Allah” and his messenger of misery. Hating God. Where would Islam be without? …

Proverbs 8:35-36, “For whoever finds Me finds life, And obtains favor from the LORD … All those who hate Me love death.”

Isaiah 59:7-8a, “Their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed innocent blood; Their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity; Wasting and destruction are in their paths. The way of peace they have not known, and there is no justice in their ways …”

By Jack Moore, International Business Times – “An Arab-Israeli member of Isis (now known as the Islamic State) has claimed that the terror group takes pleasure in ‘drinking blood’ of its enemies.

Rabie Shehada, otherwise known as ‘the Palestinian slayer’, spoke openly in a new video of the Islamic group’s love of death.

‘I swear we are a people who love death for the sake of [Allah] just as you love to live,’ says Shehada.

‘I swear we are a people who love drinking blood. We came to slaughter you,’ he adds. ‘We love dying for [Allah] as much as you love life.’

According to Dubai-based outlet Al-Arabiya, Shehada, 26, is from the northern Israeli city of Nazareth which holds a majority-Arab population.

Shehada studied mechanical engineering in Nazareth before quitting university and disappearing just three months into his studies.

It is reported that he went to Turkey before moving into Syria to join forces with the moderate Free Syrian Army (FSA) against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

It was here that he switched allegiance to the more extreme Islamic State group and now goes by the nom de guerre of Abu Mussab al-Safouri.

When contacted by the Arabian outlet, Shehada’s wife and daughter said that they were terrified by his radicalisation …” Read more.

Flashback: Syria: Jihadist Rebel Cutting Out And ‘Eating’ Heart Of Soldier Defends Actions, Says He Sawed Another In Small And Large Pieces – “A Syrian rebel who was filmed apparently cutting out and eating the organs of a soldier has defended his actions as revenge for regime atrocities, Time magazine reported on Tuesday… ‘I have another video clip… In the clip I am sawing another shabiha with a saw. The saw we use to cut trees. I sawed him in small pieces and large ones,’ Time quoted him as saying… ‘Hopefully we will slaughter all of them,’ he told the magazine …” Read more.

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    The devils mentality is the same. Why do you want that?


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