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Mainstream Media Celebrate Turning Culture Against Nation’s Judeo-Christian Heritage

Matthew 24:27, “But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.”

By Cliff Kincaid, World Tribune – “On the eve of Tuesday’s ‘March for Marriage’ in Washington and Supreme Court consideration of court cases on homosexual rights, more evidence of the media bias driving the campaign to change America’s culture and Judeo-Christian foundations has emerged.

Speaking at a ‘gay journalists’ event in New York City last Thursday night, Natalie Morales of the NBC Today Show declared, ‘Many of us here in this room — the media — we are responsible for opening the world’s eyes to these issues and the stories that have brought about such change. When you think 18 years ago when this organization was founded — think of where the country was back then. And now, 50 percent — according to the Pew poll that we talked about on the news today — support gay marriage, and…some other polls put that number even higher. [This] reflects a change in attitudes in this country.’

This was not just an event where journalists ‘came out of the closet’ for homosexual rights; it was a fundraiser for the cause. Our media paid big money to participate as sponsors and hosts.

My associate Peter LaBarbera and I covered the homosexual rights fundraiser, held in New York City under the auspices of the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA), and saw first-hand that it was a ‘who’s who’ of media stars from every major news organization in the U.S. They also included Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie of NBC, Gayle King of CBS News, Christine Romans of CNN, Amy Robach of ABC News, and Amanda Drury of CNBC.

The really big star of the evening was Natalie Morales of NBC’s Today Show, who told LaBarbera in a brief interview, ‘I think what’s happening here is this is a new civil rights movement… And I believe that they should be allowed to get married and love equally.’

In her remarks to the gathering, she joked about getting a lesbian kiss. ‘Now I have to say I’m a little flustered because on my way in here I was actually in the ladies room, and making out with a woman,’ she said at the start of her remarks.” Read more.

Radio Host: LGBT Rights Make Christians ‘Second-Class Citizens’ – “People are, people are very concerned about, about culture and about values and where things are going in this country. What concerns me, though, Sandy, is the vitriol coming from those who support gay marriage… there seems to be this opinion on the other side that says, you know what, you and I don’t deserve the same rights. You know, it’s as if we’re second-class citizens now because we support the traditional, Biblical definition of marriage, or perhaps we are pro-life, and that means we’re somehow second-class citizens who don’t deserve to be in the public marketplace of ideas.” Read more.

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