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Belief in Witchcraft, Spells, the Occult and Protective Charms Widespread in the Middle East

Revelation 9:21, “Nor did they repent of their murders, their magic arts, their sexual immorality or their thefts.”

I had generally understood the Greek word for “magic arts” (pharmakeia) metaphorically, referring to idolatry instead of actual “sorcery” or “witchcraft” since the immediate context dealt explicitly with the worship of idols (cf Revelation 9:20).  But in light of this article, it could very possibly be referring to actual witchcraft as well …

566092-bigthumbnailBy ROB L. WAGNER – “Belief in witchcraft, spells, the occult and protective charms runs deep, despite religious and governmental bans against using magic.

When Tara Umm Omar was a young bride in her first marriage, she and her Moroccan husband took the youngest sister of a family friend into their home. On the day the young Moroccan woman arrived, she gave Umm Omar a doll, which Umm Omar promptly placed in a dresser drawer.

When Umm Omar told a friend of the doll, the friend suspected it was an item for black magic and suggested the doll be destroyed. Instead, Umm Omar tossed it in the garbage. That’s when household items disappeared, the family dog barked incessantly, Umm Omar started fighting with her husband and she began seeing strange insects in the house. When the guest finally moved out, the couple found their bed sheets and an identical doll to Umm Omar’s among the woman’s discarded belongings.

The message to Umm Omar was clear: The woman she invited into her home sought to destroy her happiness through black magic.

Umm Omar is since remarried to a Saudi and now lives in Riyadh. She runs the popular blog, Future Husbands and Wives of Saudis, a help website for non-Saudis marrying Saudis. As a quasi-marriage counselor for brides and grooms nervously entering Saudi society, Umm Omar dispenses religious and practical advice to help ease the cultural shock. That includes providing insight to the real world concerns of black magic and the evil eye.

‘The truth is that all magic is haram [prohibited] and only leads to bad ends,’ Umm Omar told The Media Line.

Belief in black magic runs deep in Saudi society. The issue was raised last month when the quasi-legislative body Shoura Council granted permission for Moroccan women to work as maids in Saudi households. Hundreds of Saudi women complained to the Council that granting Moroccan maids permission to work was tantamount to allowing the use of black magic in their homes to steal their husbands. Saudi wives complained the issue was not lacking trust in their husbands, but their men were powerless to ward off spells.

While greeted with skepticism in western societies, Saudis would no more question the existence of black magic than they would Islam. Two surahs (chapters) in the Qur’an under Al Mi’wadhatyan address black magic and are often recited during or after prayer. Simply, part of being a Muslim is believing in the existence of magic.” Read more.

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  1. 10/23/2011 at 3:16 PM

    I know when we were in Turkey several years ago the Blue eye talisman were evreywhere – if you bought something the shop owners would try to stuff some form of it in your bags to ward off evil – me and my wife kept throwing them away and several time people would try and return them to us




  2. ICA
    10/23/2011 at 5:34 PM

    Interesting, I never heard of that before.


  3. Anonymous
    10/25/2011 at 7:42 PM

    Reminds me of Isaiah 19:3. The entire prophecy seems to be growing ever closer to fulfillment.

    BTW – did you guys check out Tim Warner’s latest series on Bible Chronology yet? Willard – you would probably really enjoy it as it seems to parallel the teachings from the torahcalendar website.

    You can find the series here: http://www.120jubilees.org



  4. ICA
    10/25/2011 at 8:53 PM

    Lots to go through but it looks like some very good reading AHF. Warner believes that “Jesus will return on the 120th Jubilee, on Yom Kippur, when He will personally sound the ‘trumpet of the Jubilee.’ This of course corresponds to the ‘trumpet of God’ which ‘the Lord Himself’ who will blow. He will blow the Jubilee trumpet ‘immediately after the tribulation.‛ This Jubilee trumpet is the ‘last trumpet‛ which Paul associated with the coming of Christ and the resurrection. It is the ‘last trumpet‛ because it is the 120th Jubilee trumpet!”

    This is a pretty good run down which corresponds to John’s description of the seventh and last trumpet of Revelation 10.


  5. 10/25/2011 at 8:55 PM

    Thanks AHF I appricate the link – I will certainly check it out



  6. Anonymous
    10/25/2011 at 10:21 PM

    He’s lays things out in condensed form in the audio classes, if that’s more doable for you timewise. If he is correct in his calculations, the way the math lines up is mind-blowing. He feels he can zero in on the return of Christ within maybe a decade or so. And, this is from a guy who is very rational and down to earth. Not a “datesetter”.

    What is so amazing is how so many significant biblical events happened on Jubilee years. One comes away with an intensely deepened awe of how Yaweh has planned all things from beginning to end with perfect, mathematical precision. Why do I ever worry?



  7. 10/26/2011 at 12:24 AM

    I know what you are saying AHF – not sure you have seen my thoughts on the Jubilees not nearly as detailed as Tims which I have yet to study – but some time ago I have proven at least to myself that the 70 sevens in Daniel should also be looked at as 70 Jubilees from the time Joshua entered the land until Christs second return. The years no doubt are plus or minus a year or two either way. With messed up calendars biblical years verses solar years etc it is a guesstimate

    If the Jews entered the promised land plus or minus 1435 BC I have read some suggesting 1446 and some 1406 BC than the seventy sevens make additional sense as a dual prophecy – I see the first set of seven sevens as 7 Jubilees or 350 biblical years – this is the length of time is exactly from the time the Jews entered the ;and until they rejected God as their king for an earthly king Saul –

    Than Daniel tells us there would be 62 sevens or what I think should also be considered as 62 Jubilees – if I am on the right track 62 Jubilees = 3100 biblical years which from Saul becoming king to the reclaiming of temple mount in 1967 is – 62 Jubilees again some suggest 1966 was a Jubilee but as we know dates are a bit debatable and the Jubilee year itself is also debatable – but basically the scenaro fits

    if this is correct logic we are than in the last Jubilee the 120th from creation just as the torah.com calendar predicts and will soon see the 1000 year Sabbath rest – I am not date setting but the fall feasts in 2015 are on my radar.



  8. 10/26/2011 at 12:35 AM

    Forgot to note my thoughts on the year 1435 BC and how I came to that conclusion as a possible dat for entering the land. Daniel 12 speaks of a period of time for a timeline for the the Jewish people rfrom the time they enter the land until they recognize Christ – the answer actually begins in Chapter nine beginning with daniels prayer of repentance.

    The time line in chap 12 states that it is a time, times and a half time this is 3500 years nothing else can be made fit this time, times and a half time it is the 1000 years as a day formula – in this passage 3 1/2 years does not work – 3500 biblical years minus the 70 Jubilees (70 sevens) brings us back to 1435 BC +/- It is right in the very window of time


  9. 10/26/2011 at 3:47 PM

    Let me ‘play along’ for a moment. This is a little complicated, but I will try to make it as simple as I can. I’m not saying I believe this, but its intriguing:

    Gavin Finley believes in a 7-year Tribulation with a post-Trib return of Yeshua. He here proposed that a 7 year, 70th week Tribulation would start on the Feast of Trumpets initiating Year 1 and end on Yom Kippur following the 7 years (early in Year 8). This is based on the numerous references to 3.5 year ‘great trib’ and Daniel 12:11, which describes a 1290 day period; Mr. Finley explains it all here. This can only occur on certain years due the insertion of a 13th month during some Hebrew lunar calendar years to reconcile it with the solar year, of which, among others, 2008 and 2011 are two years that can start one of these “metonic” cycles that results in exactly 2,550 days (1260 +1260+30) between the FOT and YK seven years later.

    For instance, there are 2,550 days between the 2008 FOT and the 2015 YK. In other words, the Trib would have started in 2008 and will conclude in 2015. Same thing between 2011 and 2018, and so on. Every three or four years one of these “metonic” cycles begin.

    So lets just say a 7-year Trib began in 2008, on the FOT. Was there anything to mark it, if that were the case? On the 29th of Elul (the ‘hidden day’), the day before the 2008 FOT, the Dow Jones dropped 777 pts, or 7%. It also dropped over 700 points on both YK and Sukkot in that year. Obama was elected about a month later and initiates the chain reaction of the ‘Arab Spring’, which could be ‘the Beast’ of Revelation and Daniel. Many Christians throughout the Middle East are being persecuted by Muslims and are fleeing.

    The middle of March 2012 will be the end of the first 1260 days, calculated from Sept 29, 2008. This preserves a return of Yeshua during the Fall Feasts of 2015, provides an answer for the 1290 day dilemma, and provides an answer for the question of what the FOT and YK represent.

    Food for thought.


  10. ICA
    10/26/2011 at 4:02 PM

    The plight of Christians has certainly deteriorated over the past few years in Islamic countries. Here are some examples:

    *Iran: The Spread of the Gospel Among Iranian Youth and Families Sparks Islamic Authorities to Increase Suppression of Christianity

    *Islamic Militants Calling Themselves ‘The Unknown Soldiers of The Hidden Imam’ Threaten to Hunt Down and Execute Christians Who Flee Iran

    *Nigeria: Muslim Extremists Killing Christians in Two States in Effort to ‘Cleanse’ Islamic Land, Entire Christian Families Among Those Killed

    *Sudan: Christianity No Longer an Accepted Religion, Muslims Attack Christians Trying to Rebuild Church

    *Iraq: Islamic Extremists Want to Eliminate Christians From Country, Mass Movement of Christians Continues Unabated

    *Not a Single Christian Church Left in Afghanistan, Says State Department

    *Egypt: Islamists Boast, ‘We Won’t Leave Any Christians in This Country’

    *Pakistan: The Existence of Christians Threatened Now More Than Ever Before, Persecution the Worse It Has Ever Been

    *Middle East Christians Are Being Killed by Radical Islamists Because of Their Faith, Threatening Their Very Existence

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. In light of the news articles above, and in light of developments in countries such as Tunisia and Libya and Egypt where we’re now seeing Islamists rising to power, are we seeing the rebirth of the beast that received the “wounded head“, or is the current Islamic empire we’ve seen thrive throughout North Africa and the Middle East post-WWII the “wounded head” that was healed, and we’re now witnessing the ‘Arab Spring’ give birth to “another beast rising out of the earth“?


  11. Anonymous
    10/26/2011 at 6:39 PM

    Kurt – Gavin’s scenario would also fit neatly with the tetrad discovered by Mark Biltz occurring on the feast days in 2014 and 2015. Certainly gives one pause.

    Willard – I think you will find Tim’s calculations very interesting. He landed on the year 2500 A.M. as the year of the Exodus (that’s 2500 years from the fall of Adam), which would also be the 50th Jubilee year – a Jubilee of Jubilees. Neat, huh?

    I always think about Jesus’ words that He would come at a time we do not expect. With all of the different (erroneous) prophetic scenarios being bandied about by various teachers, it wouldn’t surprise me to find that this is all happening NOW, right under our noses and there are blessed few who will even consider that a possibility.



  12. 10/26/2011 at 10:38 PM

    kurt – I agree with you not only did the stock market fall 777 points (3x the number for God number on the eve of Rosh Hashinah in 2008 but gold went to $888 the 3x number for Christs number alm ost sounds like the writing on the wall we see in Daniel. Reading James 5:1-6 it speaks of a economic collapse in the LAST DAYS v3. Also as year see below Rosh Hashinah 2015 will be 120th Jubilee from creation or 6000 years – no doubt this may be a bit speculative but it seems to be coming to this conclusion.

    AHF – If indeed it was 50 Jubilees to the Exodus from creation which makes sense to me than this fits my argument I have been putting together for several years now that it is 70 Jubilees from Joshua entering the land because as per the – torah.com – calender Rosh Hashinah 2015 it is the 120th Jubilee from creation 70+50=120. – so there are several witnesses to this argument – there are actually several web sites today in agreement with this – the one below agrees with this as well but they argue that a Jubilee is 49 years not 50. I am of the belief that a Jubilee is 50 years which seems to be quite clear in Lev. were it tells us that during a Jubilee the land lay fallow for 2 years not 1 as in the 7th year sabbath.



  13. Anonymous
    10/26/2011 at 10:56 PM

    Yes, that is exactly the argument Tim Warner makes for a 50 year jubilee, instead of 49. Also works out perfectly for Cyrus’ decree to be the one from which we count Daniel’s 70 weeks, not Artaxerxes.


  14. 10/26/2011 at 11:39 PM

    Again AFH Isaiah tells us in – Is 45:13 that he would rebuild the city and set the people free so if it is from this day there must be a dual fulfilling as the decree to rebuild Jerusalem to fit the common 483 year period to Christs coming began with Artaxerxes decree even though Cyrus gave the original decree to rebuild Jerusalem

    BUT the Cyrus decree fits to the exact year if we look at it from another point of view or angle – the number 2520 which is 7 x 360 one seven year sabbath length of time – If we consider the 2520 as biblical years which is 2484 solar years than the second time that Jerusalem is rebuilt fits once again but in a more exact time – 2484 solar years as 2520 biblical years we have 2484 – 536 BC = 1948 the year Israel became a nation –

    if we remove zero year we have 1947 the exact year that the UN also made its decree resolution 181 which allowed Israel to return to its land once again and rebuild Jerusalem and its nation.

    The dates and timelines and how they fit are simply amazing – again about 50.4 Jubilees of time – but again we may be speculating and must be cautious as I am always hesitant when it comes to this kind of date setting but it does seem to make some sense – Christ did tell us to WATCH and be ON GUARD so we do have some authority to search these thing out I feel



  15. ICA
    10/27/2011 at 10:25 PM

    This may be interesting to some. Jonathan Cahn, a Messianic Jewish Rabbi, explains how the same pattern of God’s judgment against ancient Israel is now being played out in America, and why the fall of 2015 will experience a tremendous shaking.

    Thanks to Kurt for the links.


  16. 10/28/2011 at 2:39 AM

    ICA, you’re welcome.

    I shared the story of the sycamore tree in the St. Paul’s Church cemetery being struck with steel flying off of Tower 2 when it collapsed on 9/11 with my home bible study group last night, and Cahn’s interpretation of that in light of Isa 9:10, etc–everyone was amazed. It was particularly impactful to me, having just been in New York and seeing it all in person, including the coniferous (‘erez’ tree) that was planted in place of the dead sycamore.

    I’m going to post a story about it soon on my blog http://prophesite.wordpress.com/


  17. 10/28/2011 at 4:03 PM
  18. Anonymous
    10/29/2011 at 7:55 PM

    Thanks for sharing those videos, Kurt. I rarely watch Sid Roth, but had actually caught part one of this particular program. I had forgotten all about part two, so glad to finally see it.

    You know, it made me think of something. When the D.C. earthquake hit back on Aug. 23 this year, the three main structures that suffered damage in D.C. proper were the Washington Monument, the Treasury Building and the National Cathedral. The symbols of government, economy and religion in this country. After hearing what Jonathan Cahn shared, it does tend to make one go, hmmmmm…….



  19. 10/29/2011 at 9:02 PM

    Yes, and on 9/11, two foundations of America’s might–economic (WTC) and military (The Pentagon).


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