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Sharia Creep Down Under: Muslims to Push for ‘Moderate Variety’ of Sharia Law in Australia

‘Moderate variety’ of Sharia?  What exactly is that suppose to be?  Let’s see… Don’t stone women to death for adultery, just give them a few dozen lashes, or a couple hundred if the accusation is probably true?  Maybe she’ll die that way instead?  Don’t cut off a thief’s hand for stealing, only his finger?  Instead of there needing to be four male witnesses to substantiate a woman’s rape allegation, maybe there only needs to be two or three?  If it’s proven that she was raped, don’t give her 200 lashes for having premarital sex, give her 100 instead and/or a reduced prison sentence?  If someone converts from Islam to Christianity, don’t behead them, figure out a more ‘humane’ way to end their life?  

Give them a little now, and they’ll want a lot more later.  Sharia is the Islamist’s drug to which we must ‘Just Say No’ …

By Patricia Karvelas – “THE nation’s peak Muslim group is using the Gillard government’s re-embracing of multiculturalism to push for the introduction of sharia in Australia, but it says it would be a more moderate variety of Islamic law that fits with Australian values.

The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, in a submission to a parliamentary inquiry into the government’s new multiculturalism policy, argues that Muslims should enjoy ‘legal pluralism’.

In an interview with The Australian, the organisation’s president, Ikebal Adam Patel, who wrote the submission, nominated family law and specifically divorce as an area where moderate interpretations of sharia could co-exist within the Australian legal system.” Read more.

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