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Shocking Truth About ‘All-American Muslim’ Star, and Lowe’s Good Call

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By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack – “So you’re watching a soccer game in Dearborn, Mich., between al-Tadamon and Chelsea, a game that was advertised in public leaflets and on the Arab-American website. It was dedicated to something termed ‘The Day of Jerusalem.’ The thought of incorporating such a slogan into promotional material about a sporting event puzzles you. What is this Day of Jerusalem all about? Later, you discover that the game was hosted by Husham Al-Husainy—the main spiritual leader of the Karbala Center in Dearborn—who was thanked by Samir Al-Jabiri and Mohammed Ali al-Hasani, who said the victory was ‘dedicated to honor the souls of the martyrs of Jerusalem and al-Aqsa.’

These are clearly terrorists who murder civilians. Such a dedication should spawn outrage, but it did not.

The sound of silence in response to such a thing echoed throughout Dearborn’s Muslim community. Why did no one object to such hatred, religious bigotry and open support for terrorism?

Husham Al-Husainy is not just the imam at Dearborn’s Karbala Center. He is also featured in ‘All-American Muslim,’ which airs on The Learning Channel (TLC). In the program, Al-Husainy is seen presiding over marriages within Muslim families in Dearborn, whose day-to-day lives are portrayed as they interact in English.

When Sean Hannity attempted to extract a confession from Al-Husainy, a double-speaking Slick Willy, Al Husainy, repeatedly refused to denounce Hezbollah. Americans were left to wonder whether he had decided to plead the Fifth, which involves no incrimination. Conversely, when people such as Al-Husainy have their Arabic translated into English, those same Americans are struck with both shock and awe. Open declarations of public support for Hezbollah are made to millions, but are done so in Arabic, of course.

Al-Husainy is a signatory to the Jerusalem Document of 2009, which reads more like Mein Kampf. It refers to the war on Zionism as a war between ‘good and evil.’ Zionism is considered an ‘aggression’ that is infecting ‘the entire human race.’ Muslims are told to ‘get ready for the Holy Jihad.’

If one is inclined to believe this is the ‘struggle within’ version of jihad, the reading of the following phrase after translation should prompt a reevaluation: Read more…

The People of the Prince to Come: A Roman-European Antichrist?

05/06/2011 111 comments


Daniel 9:26, “And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof [shall be] with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.”

Many have traditionally believed that since the army that destroyed the city and the sanctuary in 70 AD was considered Roman then this, therefore, must mean that according to Daniel 9:26 the Antichrist would rise out of Europe.  The majority of popular Biblical eschatology teachers today, even in light of events happening on the global stage, still teach an Antichrist who comes out of Europe, a charismatic leader that rises from within the European Union to then lead a One World Government.  Writers have published novels such as the “Left Behind” series promoting it, even Christian movies have been inspired and produced by this very idea.  However, although the people of the prince to come mentioned in Daniel 9:26 may have been considered “Roman” soldiers merely because they were (supposedly) under the command of Rome, many of these same teachers have either ignored or were just not aware of the following very significant fact. Read more…

Walid Shoebat Interviewed by Sid Roth

04/19/2011 4 comments

What does the future hold for Saudi Arabia?  What happens to Egypt?  What nations are destroyed by Christ at His Second Coming?  What happens to Jerusalem?  What are the seven shepherds of Micah, and what role do they play in the Last Days?  Walid Shoebat tries to answer these questions and more …

Walid Shoebat and Forum For Middle East Understanding Launches ‘End Times Today’ Teaching Series

04/08/2011 19 comments

All 13 eye-opening and thought-provoking episodes can now be viewed online. See comments section below. If you would like to purchase this important teaching series (recommended), please click here 

“My name is Walid Shoebat.  I was born as a Muslim who desired the destruction of God’s people.  In trying to disprove the God of the Bible, I actually found Him.  Now I have dedicated my life to revealing the truth about Islam.  In this series we will discuss Biblical end times prophecy and what the God of the Bible has to say about the very days we are living in …” – Walid Shoebat.

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