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Death and Mayhem in the Southern States – Death Toll from Tornadoes Rises to 337

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“TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Southerners found their emergency safety net shredded Friday as they tried to emerge from the second-deadliest day for a twister outbreak in U.S. history.

Emergency buildings are wiped out. Bodies are stored in refrigerated trucks. Authorities are begging for such basics as flashlights. In one neighborhood, the storms even left firefighters to work without a truck.

The death toll from Wednesday’s storms reached 337 across seven states, including at least 246 in Alabama.

The largest death toll ever was on March 18, 1925, when 747 people were killed in storms that raged through Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. The second deadliest day had been in March 1932, when 332 people died, all in Alabama.”  Read more.

Killer Twisters Likely Among Largest, Strongest Ever RecordedRead more.

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Complete Devastation – ‘This Could Be the Worst Tornado in Alabama’s History’

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“As of 11 p.m. EDT, there have been 135 reports of tornadoes, according to the Storm Prediction Center. Most of these tornadoes have touched down in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee, and many have been large, powerful twisters.

After a tornado tore through the Cartersville area of Georgia just after 9 p.m. EDT, another twister was moving through around 10:45 p.m.

A line of severe thunderstorms, some capable of producing tornadoes, was tracking toward Atlanta as of 10:45 p.m.

This is an extremely dangerous situation with serious concern for loss of life and property. All people in the path of these thunderstorms need to get to a safe shelter immediately if a tornado or severe thunderstorm warning is issued… Meteorologist Josh Nagelberg reported that the supercell thunderstorm that produced the Tuscaloosa tornado was still producing a tornado three hours later in northwestern Georgia. The twister passed within a few miles of Rome, Ga., just after 9 p.m. EDT with reports of destruction to homes. ‘This could be the worst tornado in Alabama’s history,’ Nagelberg stated.”  Read more.

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More Severe Weather Forecast For Southern US States – Very Large hail and Damaging Winds

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“(CNN) — A rare and dangerous outbreak of severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes could erupt Tuesday afternoon across parts of the South, from northeast Texas to the Mississippi River, the National Weather Service said Tuesday.

Locations including northeast Texas, far southeast Oklahoma, extreme northwestern Louisiana and the southern half of Arkansas are at high risk for severe thunderstorms late Tuesday afternoon and into Tuesday night, according to the Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma.

‘Dangerous tornado and severe thunderstorm outbreak expected late this afternoon into tonight from northeast Texas … to the Mississippi River,’ forecasters said.

Typically, only a handful of days per year reach high-risk criteria, said CNN meteorologist Dave Hennen.

‘Very large hail and damaging winds’ can also be expected, forecasters said.”  Read more.

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Storms Rip Into Central, Southern Illinois

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“Severe storms raked portions of southern and central Illinois late Tuesday, damaging homes, blowing rail cars off of tracks and leaving thousands of people without power.

Several tornadoes were reported, but there were no reports of injuries. The storm also pelted the region with golf ball-sized hail and driving rain.

More than 48,000 electric customers in central and southern Illinois are without power.

In northern Illinois, torrential rainfall and hail forced the cancellation of about 450 flights at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. Midway International Airport was reporting delays of up to 30 minutes.”  Read more.

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Update: At Least 44 Dead in Southeast US After More Than 100 Twisters Spotted Across Region

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By TOM BREEN and MIKE BAKER (AP) – “RALEIGH, N.C. – A furious storm system that kicked up tornadoes, flash floods and hail as big as softballs has claimed at least 35 lives on a rampage that began in Oklahoma days ago, then smashed across several Southern states as it reached a new and deadly pitch in North Carolina and Virginia.

Emergency crews searched for victims in hard-hit swaths of North Carolina, where 62 tornadoes were reported from the worst spring storm in two decades to hit the state. Ten people were confirmed dead in Bertie County, county manager Zee Lamb said. At least three deaths were reported in Virginia. Authorities warned the toll was likely to rise further Sunday as searchers probed shattered homes and businesses.

The storm claimed its first lives Thursday night in Oklahoma, then roared through Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. Seven people each were killed in Arkansas and Alabama, two people in Oklahoma and one person in Mississippi, authorities have said.” Read more.

Update 2: “(CNN) — Powerful storms that have ripped across the Southeast killed as many as 44 people over the past three days, according to National Weather Service and reports from several states.

There were 14 deaths in Bertie County, North Carolina, a rural area in the northeast part of the state, the weather service said Sunday. Although the weather service reported that number, local authorities said they were still working to determine the exact number of deaths.

“Reports are still incoming,” Mike Sprayberry, deputy director of the North Carolina Division of Emergency Management, told CNN.

The death toll across seven states includes 23 total in North Carolina; four in Virginia; seven in Alabama, two in Olkahoma, seven in Arkansas and one in Mississippi.”  Read more.

Update 3: “From Thursday, April 14, 2011 to Saturday, April, 16, 2011, devastating tornadoes rampaged across communities of the southern United States. Cities and towns from Oklahoma to North Carolina were assaulted by the deadly twisters.

The tornado outbreak led to a total of 241 tornado reports in 14 states over the three-day period. This will likely rank this tornado outbreak among the largest in history.”  Read more.

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Possible Seven Wisconsin Tornadoes May Be Record

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By John Rondy – “MILWAUKEE, Wis (Reuters) – A powerful storm system that moved through the nation’s midsection over the weekend caused what may be a record-breaking seven tornadoes in Wisconsin, officials said Monday.

‘It’s one of the most significant tornado outbreaks in April,’ said Rich Mamrosh, meteorologist for the National Weather Service. He said if confirmed, the number of Sunday night storms may have broken a record for a single day in April in the state — the previous record was six.

Mamrosh said a strong low pressure system moved from South Dakota to northern Wisconsin Sunday, moving warm, moist air into the state, which was followed by a cold front, producing the storms.”  Read more.


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