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IRSN: 70,000 More People Must Evacuate Around Fukushima; TEPCO Now Admits Likely Meltdown in Reactors 2 and 3

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“Paris – Seventy thousand people living beyond the 20km no-go zone around Fukushima should be evacuated because of radioactivity deposited by the crippled nuclear plant, a watchdog said.

Updating its assessment of the March 11 disaster, France’s Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) highlighted an area northwest of the plant that lies beyond the 20km zone whose inhabitants have already been evacuated.

Radioactivity levels in this area range from several hundred becquerels per square metre to thousands or even several million bequerels per square metre, the IRSN report, issued late on Monday, said.

Around 70 000 people, including 9 500 children aged up to 14, live in the area, ‘the most contaminated territory outside the evacuation zone’, the agency said.” Read more.

TEPCO Stating the Obvious After 2 Months: Reactors 2, 3 Total Meltdown More Likely – “TEPCO reported on May 23 that the Reactors 2 and 3 at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant had a core meltdown just like the Reactor 1, based on their analysis on the reactor parameters right after the earthquake on March 11.” Read more.

‘Situation at Fukushima Out of Control’: All Three Reactors Have Likely Melted Down, Melted Core Outside Containment Vessel No. 1

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“Data shows meltdowns occurred at the No. 2 and No. 3 reactors of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, creating huge problems for the plant operator that had presented a more optimistic scenario.

And like the No. 1 reactor, the melted fuel appears to have created holes in the pressure vessel of the No. 3 reactor, according to the data of Tokyo Electric Power Co. released May 16.

Goshi Hosono, special adviser to Prime Minister Naoto Kan, acknowledged the likelihood of meltdowns at the No. 2 and No. 3 reactors.

‘We have to assume that meltdowns have taken place,’ Hosono said at a news conference May 16.”  Read more.

“Situation at Fukushima out of control” – The situation at the Fukushima plant is currently out of control, says Professor Christopher Busby from the European Committee on Radiation Risks, who gave RT his insight into the recent developments in Japan. ‘Of course, it’s time for the Japanese government to take control. But having said that, it’s very hard to know how you could take control of the situation. The situation is essentially out of control,’ … ‘I believe personally that it’s a global problem – and not the Japanese government’s problem only,’ he added.” Read more.

Hiroaki Koide of Kyoto University: ‘Melted Core Outside the Containment Vessel’ – “Hiroaki Koide of Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute is quoted by Mainichi Shinbun as saying that the melted core of the Reactor 1 is not just out of the Reactor Pressure Vessel but out of the Containment Vessel.”  Read more.

TEPCO Officially Admits Nuclear Meltdown at Fukushima Plant

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By Julian Ryall – “Engineers from the Tokyo Electric Power company (Tepco) entered the No.1 reactor at the end of last week for the first time and saw the top five feet or so of the core’s 13ft-long fuel rods had been exposed to the air and melted down.

Previously, Tepco believed that the core of the reactor was submerged in enough water to keep it stable and that only 55 per cent of the core had been damaged.

Now the company is worried that the molten pool of radioactive fuel may have burned a hole through the bottom of the containment vessel, causing water to leak.

‘We will have to revise our plans,’ said Junichi Matsumoto, a spokesman for Tepco. ‘We cannot deny the possibility that a hole in the pressure vessel caused water to leak’.” Read more.

TEPCO admits nuclear meltdown occurred at Fukushima reactor 16 hours after quake – “According to TEPCO, the operator of the crippled nuclear power plant, the emergency condenser designed to cool the steam inside the pressure vessel of the No. 1 reactor was working properly shortly after the magnitude-9.0 earthquake, but it lost its functions around 3:30 p.m. on March 11 when tsunami waves hit the reactor.” Read more.

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