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Guantanamo Files: 35 Radicals Trained for Terrorism at British Mosques

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By Tim Shipman and Daniel Martin – “Britain’s mosques became an international haven for extremists who enjoyed state benefits while being trained for terrorism, leaked documents show.

The WikiLeaks files, written by U.S. military chiefs, reveal that at least 35 Guantanamo terrorists were radicalised in London mosques before being sent to fight against the West.

This is believed to be more than any other Western country.

Of these, just 17 were British nationals or had been granted asylum, while 18 had travelled from abroad – cementing Britain’s reputation as a global training camp for terrorists.

U.S. intelligence officers describe Finsbury Park mosque, in North London, as a ‘haven for Islamic extremists from Morocco and Algeria’ and ‘an attack planning and propaganda production base’.”  Read more.

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Death Toll Reaches 500 in Nigeria After Muslim Loses Bid for Presidency

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“Bomb blasts have killed at least three people in northeast Nigeria, police said Monday, in the latest unrest to hit Africa’s most populous nation after presidential elections and ahead of state governorship polls.

Police also said at least 15 were wounded, adding they suspected the Islamist sect known as Boko Haram was behind the attacks on Easter Sunday night at a hotel tavern and transport hub in Maiduguri, as well as a third one on Monday morning…

Boko Haram had distributed fliers earlier on Sunday warning of further attacks, saying ‘we are fighters waging jihad in Nigeria.’

‘We will never accept any system of governance apart from the one described by Islam because that is the only way Muslims can be liberated … We will continue to fight its military and police because they are not protecting Islam.'”  Read more.

Libya Ripe for Jihad’s Rallying Cries

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By Sally Neighbour – “AS the military and humanitarian quagmire in Libya deepens, a clarion call has gone out to followers of the global jihadist movement in the West.

‘Who wants to join the mujahidin? The gates of jihad are open in Libya!’ declares a message posted on a pro al-Qa’ida internet forum monitored by Western analysts.

The message – and countless others like it – has set off alarms in counter-terrorism circles in the West, as al-Qa’ida and its allies move to exploit the foment in the Arab world, seizing on the conflict in Libya as a new cause celebre for Islamic militants. And as yesterday’s WikiLeaks release shows, al-Qa’ida suspects freed from Guantanamo Bay are at work in Libya.”  Read more.

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Earn Paradise by Killing Non-Muslims: Revelations of a Failed 14-Year-Old Suicide Bomber

04/20/2011 1 comment

The God of Abraham says in Proverbs 8:36b that “All those who hate me love death.”  But Islamists have no regard for the God of Abraham, no regard even for the God of Ishmael whom the Lord took care of (Genesis 21; cf Daniel 11:36-37).  Instead, they love death and even seek to find death (cf Rev 9:6).  They proclaim their love of death and the promise of Paradise that they believe it brings if they themselves are killed in the process of killing non-Muslims.  But it is not Paradise that follows them upon death.  Revelation 6:8, “… and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him …”

Radio Australia – “A teenage would-be suicide bomber who survived his failed attack has spoken about his experience.

The 14-year-old gave unprecedented insight into the motivations of suicide bombers, who tend to be young males.

The boy was seriously injured after his suicide vest failed to properly explode outside a shrine in Pakistan’s Punjab province.

He says he was recruited by the Taliban, which promised him paradise after he died.

‘Taliban used to stop us as we went to school and told us there was no point studying,’ he said.

‘They said nothing’s better than paradise and you can earn that by killing non-believers.'”  Read more.

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