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Somali Terror Group Linked to Al Qaeda ‘Recruited 21 Men in Minnesota’

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This is 21 men from one city/state.  How many more are out there that haven’t been found yet, and how many of them are not training to fight abroad in a foreign land, but rather within our own ‘back yards‘?

“A Somali terror group has allegedly recruited more than 20 young men from Minnesota to fight against the Ethopian army.

Details of how a carefully-organised Islamist cell raised money, created fake itineraries and held secret meetings have emerged ahead of the trial of one suspected leader.

Omer Abdi Mohamed, 26, is one of 18 men charged with recruiting young Somalis from Minneapolis to join terror group al-Shabab, which has links to Al Qaeda.

Since 2007, at least 21 men have left Minnesota for Somalia, where they arrived at safehouses and were given AK-47s and weapons training, court documents claim, before fighting Ethiopian troops.

Back in Minnesota, members of the cell raised money for their trip by duping the Somali community into thinking the cash was to give aid to their home country.” Read more.

Three Americans Charged with Helping Pakistani Taliban (Yeah, Bin Laden’s Buddies)

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Gosh, I’m sure each and every single last member of the mosque were all disgusted and appalled with the revelation that such clandestine activities were taking place under their noses.  Yep, and if anyone had discovered what was going on they would have notified the authorities immediately …

“MIAMI — A Miami imam and two of his sons were arrested Saturday on federal charges they provided some $50,000 to the Pakistani Taliban, designated by the State Department as a terrorist organization, officials said.

Hafiz Muhammed Sher Ali Khan, 76, was arrested after morning services at the Miami Mosque, also known as the Flagler Mosque, where he is an imam. One of his sons, Izhar Khan, 24, an imam at the Jamaat Al-Mu’mineen Mosque in nearby Margate, Fla., was arrested after morning services there. Another son, Irfan Khan, 37, was detained at his hotel room in Los Angeles around the same time. The men are U.S. citizens. Their mosques are not suspected of wrongdoing, officials said.”  Read more.

Hafiz Khan Wished That Allah Would Kill 50,000 American Soldiers – “… in September 2010, Hafiz Khan participated in a conversation in which he stated that he would provide that individual with contact information for Pakistani Taliban militants in Karachi, and upon hearing that mujahideen in Afghanistan had killed seven American soldiers, declared his wish that God kill 50,000 more.” Read more.

Man Injured While Making Bomb is an American Convert to Islam

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By Mike Carter – “Federal prosecutors in Spokane are looking into charging an Asotin County man, who was critically injured in a bomb accident last year, with attempting to aid Islamic terrorists.

Joseph Jeffrey Brice, 21, is accused of creating a jihadi website and using it to post bomb-making tips and videos, according to federal sources and documents filed in U.S. District Court in Spokane.

Members of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force executed several search warrants last week on homes and cars owned or associated with Brice, of Clarkston, who earlier this week was indicted by a Spokane grand jury for manufacturing a powerful improvised explosive device (IED) whose premature detonation nearly killed him in April 2010.” Read more.

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