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Report on Deputy Consulate General of Israel, Pacific NW Region Talk & Discussion, April 28, 2011

04/29/2011 3 comments

By Kurt Jorgensen – “Tonight Gideon Lustig, the Deputy Consulate General stationed in San Francisco, gave a 45 minute talk and answered questions for about ½ hour before an audience of around 40 people at Neighborhood Church in Chico, CA. Probably everyone in attendance was an evangelical Christian.

Gideon is a Jew who was born in and currently resides in Jerusalem when not stationed in SF. He owns a home there and is within a 10-15 minute walk of the old city.

Mr. Lustig is about 30 years old, married, and spent 10 years in the Israeli Defense Forces. He has a degree from Hebrew University in Jerusalem in Arab Studies. He is a third generation Israeli; his grandparents emigrated from Europe to escape the Holocaust. His grandfather fought in unspecified battles in defense of Israel.

Mr. Lustig was very sincere, even tempered, had a good command of English and was dressed in a business suit.

As a diplomat, Mr. Lustig was predictably very diplomatic, and didn’t offer a lot of specificity, but some of his answers were revealing.”  Read more.

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