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NBC Reports on New Oil Spill in Gulf, Fisherman Says He Was In It for 10 Hours

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“Brian Williams:  And now let’s bring it back here at the scene of last years’s huge environmental disaster in this country, well, it’s back in the news tonight — fresh signs of oil in the waters off Louisiana.  The first reports started to surface along with a sheen on the water over the weekend, now there’s more evidence and a bigger response, and a search for the culprit …”

Fresh Oil Continues to Wash Ashore in the Louisiana Bayou

03/22/2011 Leave a comment

“Fresh Louisiana crude washed into the beaches and dock areas near Grand Isle over the weekend, creating a sickening sight for the residents of this oil battered region. The reddish brown crude and oily sheen lapped onto the sandy and rocky shores, while some people flocked to Grand Isle’s famous white beaches for spring break unaware of the oily assault nearby.

Grand Isle Mayor David Camardelle said the oil had had hit Elmers island and Lafourch beaches near the main beach area of Grand Isle. He said the oil appeared to be about two miles offshore over the weekend but then started coming ashore to the west of the island. “It reminded me of the first time we saw oil last summer, a brown reddish sheen.”

The Coast Guard says it is mobilizing workers to lay fresh boom in environmentally sensitive areas and arranging for additional cleanup crews to help as oil comes ashore.

The Coast Guard has confirmed that oil slicks have impacted Louisiana shore around the beach resort of Grand Isle and further to the west. The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that oil continues to wash ashore in the Grand Isle area and impact the coastline. Here’s how the paper describes it:” Read more.

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