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‘Smoking Gun’ Proves that Obama’s Recently Released ‘Long Form Birth Certificate’ is a Fraud

05/18/2011 3 comments

“The following video evidence proves that the Obama-released long-form birth certificate is more than likely fraudulent.  The birth certificate contains kerning.  Kerning is possible only using  a modern computer.  It was not possible using a 1960’s typewriter.  Kerning is the process of adjusting the spacing between characters in a proportional font.  It is usually used to achieve a visually pleasing result.  Again, this was not possible on a 1960’s typewriter.  As proof of this fact, observe with your own eyes.  Note the Nordyke twins’ Hawaiian birth certificate.  Their birth was the very next day after Obama’s in the very same hospital.  On the line that lists the hospital as Kapiolani Gynecological Hospital, note that each letter takes up its own unique space on the page …”

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