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Madness: Racist Muslim Immigrant Who Praised 9/11 Terror Attacks Is On Homeland Security Advisory Council

Laila Alawa — a pro-terror Muslim advising Homeland Security on how to counter “violent extremism” — evidently believes one that way to combat it is to invite hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees to America and live next door to infidels. Aside from Orlando, San Bernardino, Fort Hood, Chattanooga, Seattle, Richmond, Boston, HoustonWashington, New York and dozens of other cities all across America, what could possibly go wrong? …

Qur’an Sura 9:123, “O you who believe! fight [‘qital’ – physically fight, kill and wage war against] those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness [synonymous with anger, brutality, cruelty, bitterness].”


“I have been made victorious with terror.” – Prophet of Islam, Bukhari 2977

By Peter Hasson, The Daily Caller – “One of the sitting members on the Homeland Security Advisory Council’s (HSAC) Subcommittee on Countering Violent Extremism is a 25-year-old immigrant of Syrian heritage who said that the 9/11 attacks ‘changed the world for good’ and has consistently disparaged America, free speech and white people on social media.

Laila Alawa was one of just 15 people tapped to serve on the newly-formed HSAC Subcommittee on Countering Violent Extremism in 2015 — the same year she became an American citizen. Just last week, the subcommittee submitted a report to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, recommending that the DHS avoid using Muslim terminology like the words ‘sharia’ and ‘jihad’ when discussing terrorism.

Alawa says she immigrated into the U.S. when she was ten years old. Her family had already left Syria by the time she was born. ‘But I will always be Syrian. I will always be from Syria. I will always be of Syria,’ she wrote in November 2015, calling the country her ‘homeland.’ …

In September 2014, a week after saying that ‘9/11 changed the world for good,’ Alawa said that ‘9/11 is your day to pull out your flag themed clothing, and my day to look behind my back as I walk home.’

Alawa is outspoken in her belief that ‘Islamophobic’ rhetoric shouldn’t be allowed…

Less than two weeks after the Boston Bombings, Alawa tweeted: ‘You can’t say something intolerant and not expect consequences. Not on my watch.'” Read more.

Qur’an Sura 18:26, “[Allah] maketh none to share in his government.”

Recommended: Muslim Loyalty To A Non-Islamic Government – “… Unlike other faiths, Islam is not just a religion but a political system as well. The state is intended to be inseparable from religious rule. Islamic law, or Sharia, is complete and not designed to coexist with or be subordinate to other legal systems. Muslims are not meant to be ruled by non-Muslims. The Quran is very clear that they are to resist unbelievers by any means, until Islam establishes political supremacy. This doesn’t mean that everyone must be forced to become Muslim, but rather that everyone must submit to the supremacy of Islam… In Islam, loyalty is to Allah and his religion. It cannot be to a kafir country. As the former mufti of the Grand Mosque in Mecca put it in a recent fatwa, ‘His homeland may not be Islamic, so how can he be loyal to his homeland?'” Read more.

Recommended: The Goal Of Muslim Immigration According To Muhammad’s Teachings – “The concept of Muslim immigration began with Islam’s prophet… Immigration transformed Muslims from weak and scattered groups of individuals loyal to their religious leader, into a consolidated army … Muslims learned and remembered this lesson, and since then the concept of Hijrah — Immigration — as a means of supplanting the native population and reaching the position of power became a well-developed doctrine in Islam. Immigration in Islam is not a Western liberal romance about how the newcomers gratefully search for opportunities for a better life in liberty and offer their talents and loyalty to the benefit of their new homeland. Immigration as Islam sees it is an instrument of Islamic expansionism …” Read more.

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  1. Simcha Aliyah
    06/17/2016 at 3:31 AM

    And Trump was reviled for his implications Re: POTUS!??!


  2. 06/17/2016 at 7:39 AM

    @ICA. Pray tell? What is going on with your “comments” software program? It’s impossible to read the #1 comment anymore. What’s up with that?????


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