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The Truth About Ramadan

06/09/2016 2 comments

With the busyness of life it’s been awhile since my last posting, but here is one that many will find interesting. David Wood shines a bit of much needed light upon the Muslim month of Ramadan, exposing how the example of Islam’s indulgent “prophet” ultimately serves to encourage Muslims the world over to bite off far more than they can chew — even during their “holy” month of “fasting” — to their own detriment …

David Wood: “Paradoxically, Muslims tend to eat far more when they’re fasting than when they’re not fasting. You see, Ramadan isn’t simply not eating. It’s gorging yourself before sunrise, taking a break while the sun’s out and gorging yourself again at sundown — a diet recommended by no doctor, ever… Should we be surprised that Ramadan is a month-long series of gluttonous feasts that Muslims call ‘fasting’ and view as one of their highest religious duties? Not at all. When Mohammed’s your prophet, you don’t have someone who can give sight to the blind or raise the dead. You only get one miracle: Behavior that’s normally regarded as selfish or harmful is miraculously transformed into the will of God.” Watch the video.

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