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UK: Would-Be Terrorists Are Being Taught How To Slit Throats And Behead INSIDE British Prisons

Qur’an Sura 4:94-95, “… Allah is well aware of all that ye do… Allah hath granted a grade higher to those who strive and fight with their goods and persons than to those who sit (at home).”

Or than to those who sit in prison. Not content with becoming low-grade Muslims, they’re making the best possible use of their time today by ensuring they’ll be ready tomorrow to “fight with their goods and persons” immediately upon release …


Behavior from the ‘best of peoples’ per Qur’an Sura 3:111

By Charlie Peat, Daily Express – “JIHADIS are being trained up inside some of the most secure British prisons in preparation to join barbaric Islamic State, it has been claimed.

Extremists are carrying out mock beheadings and taught how to slit the throat of a bound captive, according to prison sources.

The shocking revelations claim that would-be terrorists are being given lessons in how to carry out mass killings during supposed ‘evening classes’ – the Daily Star Sunday has reported.

Held in cells – fanatics inside category A prisons such as Belmarsh, Whitemoor and Long Lartin – are using diagrams and models to teach jihadi recruits how to construct a booby trap, make the poison Ricin and create explosives from just garden fertiliser.

The government believes around 1,000 prisoners are at risk of being radicalised.

English jails currently hold 131 Islamist inmates convicted of terrorist offences.

One senior prison source said: ‘We have caught terrorist prisoners showing other inmates how to carry out an execution. When we ask what they are doing, the inmates claim they are messing around – but it’s clear that they are involved in something far more sinister.

‘There are now so many hardened terrorists in top-security prisons in England that in some cases they are ‘running’ wings.’

Our insider added: ‘The terrorists recruit and radicalise young Muslim men and tell them that the only people who will give them a chance in the future are radical Islamists.

‘We have seen them reenacting beheadings and found diagrams of IEDs. Prisons are now the main recruiting grounds for terrorist groups.'” Read more.


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  1. 03/22/2016 at 1:47 PM

    What seems to be “allah’s main issue, other than hate, and to teach hate? What kind of “god” has to force people to serve him at the point of a knife, gun, bomb? Just curious…and would like to hear some sane Muslim’s reply. Oh, never mind on that.


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