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Italy: Imam Reminds Muslim Migrants That “Allah Ordered You To Kill”

So kill and be killed. Bear witness to yet another Muslim teacher giving the “word of Allah” the power to speak and the authority to kill …

Qur’an Sura 4:80, 89, “He who obeys the Messenger [Mohammed] obeys Allah … Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them …”

Qur’an Sura 9:5, “… fight and slay the [unbelievers] wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem of war …”

Qur’an Sura 9:111, “… They fight in the cause of Allah, so they kill and are killed …”

Revelation 6:4, “Another horse, fiery red, went out. And it was granted to the one who sat on it to take peace from the earth, and that people should kill one another; and there was given to him a great sword.”


False Prophets and False Teachers

By Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch – “‘God ordered you to kill his enemies and wage jihad in his name, preach religion and the sharia and punish the sinner.’ Jihad? Sharia? Could all this have something to do with…Islam?

The woman who beheaded a toddler last week in Russia said that Allah had ordered her to kill. She has been dismissed as mentally ill. Now this imam has said the same thing. Is he mentally ill also?

‘This month set up jihad ‘market,” ANSA, March 9, 2016:

(ANSA) – Campobasso, March 9 – A 22-year-old Somali imam and asylum seeker arrested Wednesday told fellow residents of a migrant reception centre in Campobasso that they had to organise a “market” for jihad and God had ordered them to kill, police said according to transcripts of his preaching.

“This month the jihad market is being organised, and the Prophet prepares soldiers this month against idolaters and fights against the enemies of God,” he reportedly said. “So profit from this month, rush to be the first. God ordered you to kill his enemies and wage jihad in his name, preach religion and the sharia and punish the sinner”. Having taken on the role of spiritual guide, police said, at the end of the ritual teaching he prayed for ISIS and fighters who kill themselves for the cause.

Source – Jihad Watch.

Flashback: ISIS Plans To Activate Hundreds Of Terror Cells And ‘Slaughter Thousands’ Of Non-Muslims All Around The World – “ISIS is planning to massacre thousands of civilians in public places around the world in 2016 as it desperately seeks to draw the west into a titanic ‘final battle’. The sick terror group will activate hundreds of sleeper cells in ‘dozens of countries’ in an unprecedented bid to destabilise western governments and spark a huge military retaliation in the Middle East. The shock claim, from one of the world’s leading authorities on the death cult, comes amid fears of a New Year’s Eve terror plot in London and other major world cities.” Read more.

  1. Max
    03/25/2016 at 3:30 PM

    Agree but you have the wrong horse. The red horse is communism – Islam is the 4th horse – the green one. (Read in the original Greek) The 4 horses of Rev are white – the Church, red – communism, black – free enterprise, and green the color of Islam. Note that the white horseman is given a crown – the Church (Roman) crowned kings of Europe for over 1,000 years. In fact it is still involved with the EU.

    Most prophetic teachers rely on old Catholic doctrine. Consider: it’s generally agreed that the first horse represents the Church. Why would the Holy Spirt confuse us by having ther other horses represent events? Consider for example the black horse which the experts say represents famine. This rider announces the availabilty of food for a free man’s wages. Sounds the announcements of a commodity exchange. And do not harm the oil and wine. Both represent the Holy Spirt. What system has sent forth more missionaries than our country based on free enterprise? Since the Church opposes free enterprise it is natural that they would misname the black horse.And what system does the Church

    When you start with the assumption that the Bible is the word of God which was sealed until the time of the end then words have meaning. While I believe some prophetic events happen on a spirtual plane they will have their counterparts in the visible world. And yes I believe this is the time spoken of by Jesus. Be glad to discuss further.



  2. ICA
    03/25/2016 at 4:06 PM

    The “red horse” was given a great sword, not a hammer and sickle. In my view, the best understanding of the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” outlined in the first four Seals of Revelation 6 is that they are describing four progressive, compound stages of the last-days Beast empire upon the earth before the revelation of Jesus Christ in power and glory. They are interlinked and are describing Islam (cf. Rev. 6:8, “… power was given to them …”). Let’s keep in mind that the Bible is Israel-centric and focuses on Israel’s surrounding neighbors in the eschaton. Communism is an extraneous system unrelated to the eschatological, beastly kingdom that Daniel and John foresaw. See the article below for a more in-depth look:

    Unsealed: A Closer Look At Revelation 6 And “The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse”

    Revelation 6:4, “Another horse, fiery red, went out. And it was granted to the one who sat on it to take peace from the earth, and that people should kill one another; and there was given to him a great sword.”


    Behold the Sword of Islam: Jihad. Islamic jihad has been the greatest mass murdering force in the history of humanity. As long as Islam has existed, it has never known peace. Bill Warner, director of the Center for the Study of Political Islam, stated during a 2007 interview with FrontPage Magazine that, “Jihad destroyed a Christian Middle East and a Christian North Africa. Soon it was the fate of the Persian Zoroastrian and the Hindu to be the victims of jihad. The history of political Islam is the destruction of Christianity in the Middle East, Egypt, Turkey and North Africa. Half of Christianity was lost. Before Islam, North Africa was the southern part of Europe (part of the Roman Empire). Around 60 million Christians were slaughtered during the jihadic conquest… The Jews became permanent dhimmis throughout Islam. In Africa over 120 million Christians and animists have died over the last 1400 years of jihad. Approximately 270 million nonbelievers died over the last 1400 years for the glory of political Islam. These are the Tears of Jihad which are not taught in any school.” [4]. And the persecution of Jews and Christians, and the atmosphere of Islamic wars upon the earth, continues to this very day. Even now, Islamists boldly declare that if non-Muslims do not accept Islam “they will never know peace.”


  3. Max
    03/25/2016 at 4:18 PM

    Islam certainly has killed many which is one reason why I think the Abomination referenced by Daniel is the mosque on the temple site. But do not under rate communism/socialism whose color is red and has killed over 120,000,000 in the last 100 years.


  4. ICA
    03/25/2016 at 11:28 PM

    Max, “Islam certainly has killed many which is one reason why I think the Abomination referenced by Daniel is the mosque on the temple site.”

    It could be. I don’t discount that position.

    Max, “But do not under rate communism/socialism whose color is red and has killed over 120,000,000 in the last 100 years.”

    There’s no doubt that communism has been responsible for much death and misery, I agree. However, other than a loose circumstantial connection, I see no binding correlation between the “red horse” and communism/socialism. If the whole of Revelation focuses upon the last-days Beast empire spoken of by the Prophet Daniel (an aggregate of the four beast empires outlined in Daniel 7:3-7) and its effect upon the Israel of God — which I believe it does — then it only stands to reason that due to John’s apocalyptic writing style this is likewise the outline and intent of the “four horsemen” of the apocalypse as well.


    • Max
      03/28/2016 at 4:50 PM

      I have a different view of the ‘4’ beasts:

      (1) Two beasts–the lion England, and the Eagle’s wings, the USA. Note that the wings are plucked off (violently removed) and made to stand on 2 feet as a man and a man’s heart or mind given to it. A unique experiment. Daniel witnessed the birth of this nation. The other place the eagle’s wings show up in prophesy is REV 12 where they are given to the woman fleeing the dragon. The woman has been identified as both Mary and Israel but what if it is the church or the Angel representing the true church*. The 3 & 1/2 times it is protected could be from about 1610 to 1960 when the attacks on Christians gained in power starting with Ike’s demand the evolution replace creation in our schools.

      (2) The bear is clearly Russia, even lying on its side with 3 ribs in its mouth and being told to go and eat much meat fits with other passages.

      (3) The leopard is also 2 beasts. The body–Germany and the fowl’s wings France. Four heads fit with one suffering a fatal wound. Germany’s third kingdom was defeated and divided but has healed and is once again a major power plucked and made to stand as a man and a man’s heart given to it

      (4) Fourth beast may not be the EU but the UN. The EU doesn’t include Russia (bear’s
      feet) and has no real military power. But is the main canidate for world govt.

      *Micheal does for Israel and the Prince of Persia is the demon of the Arab world. Each nation may have an angel or demon and which one it follows determines its fate.

      Just some thoughts by Max


  5. ICA
    03/28/2016 at 5:28 PM

    In Scripture, a “Beast” empire/kingdom is an authority/government/entity that is a direct threat to the Israel of God. The last-days Beast in Revelation is an aggregate of the four beast empires outlined in Daniel 7:3-7. In today’s geopolitical landscape, the kingdom that now controls the territories of the previous empires, represented as Babylon (the lion), Greece (the leopard) and Medo-Persia (the bear) can be none other than Islam. Today, the vast majority of the old Roman Empire is now under Muslim control and, when combined, all point to one primary location from which events disseminate: the Middle East. Having the wings of an eagle does not denote a beastly kingdom in this respect. England, America and not even Russia fit the definition of a beast-like nation from a Biblical perspective. They have never been an existential threat to Israel.


  6. Max
    03/31/2016 at 3:03 PM

    Note that the 4 beasts co-exist. When the 4th arrives the other three still exist but without dominance. The interpretation you cited dates back 100’s if not 1,000’s of years but Daniel was told that the meaning was sealed until the time of the end. If the prophesy is for today then use of descriptions from Daniel’s time is questionable. The end times probably started in May of 1948 and interpretations that date further back are probably not inspired by the Holy Spirit

    The error in your reasoning is demonstrated in Daniel 8. Greece was clearly shown as the goat. Media-Persia as the ram. Gabriel would not change Creatures in the same prophesy. God is not the author of confusion.

    The 4th beast sounds much like the UN which speaks with the lion’s mouth. English is the official language of the UN.

    Suggest you question all teachings that predate the return of the Jews to Israel.


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