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Video: Muslim NHL Player Threatens To Slit Throat Of Opposing Player

Qur’an Sura 47:4,  “So when you meet in battle those who disbelieve, then smite the necks until when you have overcome them …”

Or when you evidently meet those who disbelieve on the ice. Islam and beheading. You can’t think of one without thinking about the other …

By Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch – “Read his lips. Nazem Kadri is threatening to murder Mark Giordano. Certainly he was caught up in the heat of the moment and isn’t really going to kill him, but as a Muslim, his cultural frame of reference is interesting. When you grow up hearing ‘When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks’ (Qur’an 47:4) and that sort of thing, even if you’re not all that devout yourself, it’s just possible that it might be in the back of your mind.

‘Nazem Kadri’s throat-slashing gesture being examined by NHL,’ by Doug Harrison, CBC Sports, February 10, 2016:

A depleted Toronto Maple Leafs forward unit soon could be minus another player.

The NHL’s hockey operations department is taking a look at Nazem Kadri’s throat-slashing gesture towards Mark Giordano after the Flames defenceman dazed Kadri with a hit in the first period of Tuesday night’s 4-3 Calgary win at the Saddledome.

“There was emotion, I couldn’t tell if it was a clean hit or not,” Kadri told reporters. “I was told it was, but it certainly didn’t feel like it. It [the throat slash] is something I don’t really remember doing. I was in and out a little bit.”

“I guess it’s going to be reviewed [by the league], but it was an emotional reaction.”

The 25-year-old Kadri was disciplined for the same gesture while playing for Canada in a game against Switzerland at the 2010 world junior hockey championship.

Source – Jihad Watch.

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    02/10/2016 at 7:09 PM

    This behavior has no place in hockey and there is no excuse for this behavior. The NFL had to fine players a few years ago for this disgusting behavior. Hefty fines stopped it in a bud. I consider it an overt threat to the Flame player. The Leaf player needs to be suspended for the remainder of the season without pay. He has a history of this behavior in jr hockey. It will not happen but he needs to be banned from the NHL. He can go play for a Swedish team. They seem to be more accommodating to throat slasher in Sweden.

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  2. 03/10/2016 at 1:44 PM

    Here’s a good one… Recently, as a patient lying on a gurney in the pre-op room waiting for the nurses and technicians to prep me for radical hip replacement surgery, I was approached by a Middle Eastern appearing doctor with a thick accent who introduced himself to me as my anesthesiologist. Imagine my total unbelief and near shock when the first words out of his mouth after introducing himself to me were, “Ok, so are you the one that we get to do the amputation today?” — or words to that effect. My only thought at the time was, “What? Would you make such inappropriate jokes about carrying a bomb if you were just about to board an airplane?” My God, do they learn this stuff at the mosques or from their parents at home?

    Converted former Palestinian terrorist, Walid Shoebat, wrote in his book, “Why We Want to Kill You”, that he learned to sing little childhood ditties as a schoolboy that deified mass killing and the slaughter of Jews.


    IT’S JUST THAT “CUT-N-DRIED”! Yes, the pun is intended!!!!

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