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2016 ISIS Plan: Activate Hundreds Of Terror Cells And “Slaughter Thousands” Of Non-Muslims All Around The World

“Religion which requires persecution to sustain, it is of the devil’s propagation” (Hosea Ballou). Indeed. As it loses territory in Syria and Iraq, the Islamic State will thrash about like a ferocious animal in its death throes in a desperate effort to provoke the West into a much-needed military confrontation to somehow render Islamic “prophecy” as true and convince faithful Muslims the world over that the words of their “prophet” are coming to life before their very eyes. It would become a “divine” rallying cry to spur more believers than ever before to join their murderous ranks …

“The spark has been ignited in Iraq, and its flames will grow until they burn the Crusader armies in Dabiq …” – ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi on Mohammed’s End-Times “Prophecy”

Qur’an Sura 4:95, “Allah hath granted a grade higher to those who strive and fight with their goods and persons than to those who sit (at home).”

Matthew 7:15, “Beware of false prophets … inwardly they are ravenous wolves.”

By Jason Taylor, Daily Express – “ISIS is planning to massacre thousands of civilians in public places around the world in 2016 as it desperately seeks to draw the west into a titanic ‘final battle’.

The sick terror group will activate hundreds of sleeper cells in ‘dozens of countries’ in an unprecedented bid to destabilise western governments and spark a huge military retaliation in the Middle East.

The shock claim, from one of the world’s leading authorities on the death cult, comes amid fears of a New Year’s Eve terror plot in London and other major world cities.

Islamic State has carried out more than 50 attacks in 18 countries that have killed 1,100 people and injured 1,700 since it declared its caliphate in 2014.

And [2016] will see a huge increase in both the number and scale of major terror attacks, according to Dr Theodore Karasik, a Gulf-based analyst of regional geo-political affairs who has extensively studied ISIS’s behaviour.

He warned: ‘ISIS’s media operation is taunting its enemy to come to fight their Final Battle.

‘But first, it wants to show its global reach with zeal … from cells, to lone wolves, to bedroom jihadists – to target landmarks and crowds in dozens of countries across the world.’

Dr Karasik added: ‘There are close to 40 ISIS affiliates globally with millions of adherents and believers around the world…

‘ISIS is an airborne disease and still remains robust as the movement enters into a new combative and aggressive phase.

‘Many of us see the change of year as ‘turning over a new leaf’ and ISIS may do the same.

‘The level of ISIS’s destructiveness, to force confrontations across the world, indicates that 2016 is likely to be more chaotic than 2015.'” Read more.

Flashback: ISIS Jihadist: ‘This Is The War Muhammad Promised Us, The War Of The Great Tribulation’ – “These fighters who gather in Iraq and Syria are not there for the primary goal to fight Maliki and Assad. Abu Omar, a Sunni jihadist fighting in Aleppo said, ‘If you think that all these mujahideen came from around the world to fight Assad, you are mistaken. All of them came here as it was foretold and promised by the Prophet. It is the war He promised us; the war of The Great Tribulation.’ The Jihadists have a set of belief that one third of the Muslims in the world will be killed.” Read more.

Recommended: Bible Prophecy Forewarned Us About Islam – “Prophecy. Unlike the self-fulfilling Islamic ‘predictions’ that are contingent upon its own believers to manufacture, maneuver and manipulate events in an effort to somehow render ‘Islamic prophecy’ as genuine, the Bible is filled with true predictive prophecy of human behavior, demonstrably independent of any effort to facilitate its fulfillment… the Book of Revelation paints a portrait of a war-mongering, predatory kingdom that would arise in the Middle East. Murder, idolatry, sexual immorality, thievery, capital punishment for refusing to worship as they worship, waging war against God and against His children. According to John, these are some of the most indisputable traits of those who follow after the Beast. And the taking of innocent lives, idolizing Mohammed and his words, bowing down to the Kaaba, touching and kissing the sacred Black Stone, incessant immoral sexual behavior, and the complete expropriation of people and property through violent jihadist warfare for the cause of Allah and his religion, particularly against Jews and Christians, are given absolute sanction under Islamic law. Such ‘good Muslim conduct’ is a definite reflection of the key behaviors outlined by the followers of the Beast in Revelation.” Read more.

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