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Saudi Author: ISIS Reaping What We’ve Sown, “Our Religion … Has Been Made Savage”

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When you’ve spent years teaching an untamable beast to be vicious, violent and vile, it’s only a matter of time before it turns on you …

Revelation 6:8, “And I looked, and behold a [chlōros – green] horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts [thērion – savage, brutal, bestial menof the earth…”

Saudi Author Turki Al-Hamad, Sky News Arabia 11/13/2015: “[Interviewer] How can we fight ISIS ideologically? [Saudi Author]: There is no magical solution … The deformation that our societies have undergone for the past three decades will need a long time (to repair). It should be based on the reprogramming of our cultural mentality… Religion is the cornerstone of our society. But our religion has been hijacked by many and has been made savage … It is time to stop ignoring our wounds and pains, just so we won’t provoke anyone. You cannot go to a doctor, for example, and tell him not to touch your wound because it hurts. Of course it hurts. It is a wound, and it was caused by many things. If you want to treat this wound, you must touch it and deal with it directly. Unfortunately, we have not yet acknowledged the fact that ISIS is an organization that only reaps what has previously been sown.” Listen to the whole interview.

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Saudi Law Maker: Arab Culture Is Immersed In Violence And Hatred Of Others

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Truth rarely tickles the ears of those who refuse to believe it. If a Republican candidate were to utter even half of what we hear in the interview below you can be certain that every Islamo-coddling liberal from Eureka to Bangor would be foaming at the mouths and proclaiming the “Islamophobic racist” as ineligible for the Presidency. Maybe one of them should. They’d get a likely boost in the polls, especially after making every naysayer look like an ignorant troll after revealing their source material …

Update: Youtube video is no longer available at the moment but you can watch it here

Qur’an Sura 8:55, “Surely the vilest of animals in Allah’s sight are those who disbelieve [non-Muslims] …”

Qur’an Sura 9:123, “O ye who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who are near to you, and let them find harshness in you, and know that Allah is with those who keep their duty.”

Saudi Shura Council Member Ibrahim Al-Buleihi, Al-Arabiya Network 12/5/2015: “[Interviewer]: Is our culture violent? [Shura Council Member]: Undoubtedly yes. We are immersed in this violence, because we are immersed in the hatred of the other, and believe that we are always in the right, and that the falsehood of the other is absolute.  This perspective makes us hate whoever does not agree with our way of thinking and our way of life… Since over two centuries ago, since the French invasion of Egypt, we have incurred huge shocks, but we have not benefitted from them in any way. We still delude ourselves into believing that we are better than the others, and that therefore, we must not embrace anything from the experience of others… We produce this kind of people, this kind of hostility [responsible for the Paris massacre and 9/11]… In Syria today, Arabs are killing Arabs. Muslims are killing Muslims. In Iraq today, Muslims are killing Muslims.” Listen to the whole interview in the video below.

Recommended: The Hate Propaganda Of The “Holy” Qur’an – “The Quran meets every criterion by which we define hate speech. Not only does the message inspire loathing and disregard for others, but the text mandates the superiority of Islam, even if the means of establishment is by violent force… Islam incorporates the ultimate devaluation of non-Muslims in the most obvious way by teaching that while a Muslim may be punished with death for murdering a fellow Muslim (Bukhari 83:17), no Muslim can be put to death for killing a non-Muslim (Bukhari 83:50, 3:111 – Muhammad: ‘No Muslim can be killed for killing a kafir.’). The Quran’s ‘Law of Equality,’ which assigns human value and rights based on gender, religion and status, is the polar opposite of equality in the sense intended by Western liberal tradition, which ideally respects no such distinction.” Read more.

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FBI Alerted After Group Of Middle Eastern Men Ask Suspicious Questions About Missouri Dam

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Dozens of propane tanks in Missouri go missing in recent weeks. Muslim men purchase dozens of cellphones in a rural Missouri town in the wee hours of the morning. Now we have reports of a group of Middle Eastern men asking suspicious questions about a Missouri damn. Coincidence? Perhaps. Fortunately, there’s no need to be concerned. After all, like the President says, Islam has absolutely nothing to do with Islamic terror and to suspect otherwise is “not who we are.” I guess we can all just move along …

Qur’an Sura 4:94-95, “O ye who believe! When ye go abroad in the cause of Allah, investigate carefully …. For Allah is well aware of all that ye do… Allah hath granted a grade higher to those who strive and fight with their goods and persons than to those who sit (at home).”

bagnell-dam-1-07-01-2015FOX2 Now – “Police are revealing more about a report of a group of men asking about the Bagnell Dam. Miller County Sheriff Bill Abbott tells Lake News that the Camden County Sheriff’s Office forwarded a security tip regarding the hydroelectric facility to the FBI.

Police tell KMIZ-TV that the incident happened about two weeks ago at the Golden Corral in Osage Beach. A deputy was eating lunch and the wait staff told him about the group of men. Staffers said the men were asking questions about the dam. They wanted to know if they could rent a boat and tour the dam.

The Camden County Sheriff’s Office tells Lake News that they received a tip about a group of ‘Middle Eastern’ men asking about Bagnell Dam. The police department forwarded that report to the FBI and a joint task force on terrorism.

The Miller County Sheriff’s office have have been in contact with the St. Louis security office for the dam. Patrols of the dam are continuing as normal.

‘With recent things going on in our country and around the world, people are kind of a little bit more alerted. It’s everyone’s responsibility to watch out for each other. We all live in this community, and we’re going to notice things that seem out of place and if we don’t notify the proper authorities, who will?’ Officer Corporal Scott Hines told KMIZ-TV.

Police say the report does not mean that there is any reason to be overly concerned. People should be aware and alert as they go about their business.” Source – FOX2 Now.

Flashback: An Obama Nation

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