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2015 The Deadliest Year For Islamic Terror In America Since 9/11

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Muslims are roughly 2% of the population in America, yet are responsible for the greatest number of terror attacks. Pressure cooker bombs, improvised explosive devices, remote-controlled flying bombs. I guess Obama was right after all. Muslims really have been “at the forefront of innovation” …

Qur’an Sura 8:59-60, “… Prepare against them whatever arms and weaponry you can muster …”


According to Allah, San Bernardino’s victims were all “the vilest of creatures” (Sura 8:55) and those who slaughtered them were “the best of peoples” (Sura 3:110)

By John Sexton, Breitbart – “A widely cited list of extremist violence since 9/11 added the San Bernardino shooting last week, making 2015 the dealiest year for jihadist violence since 9/11.

In the wake of the Charleston, South Carolina church shooting in June, the New America Foundation’s list of domestic terror attacks got a lot of attention from the mainstream media. The New York Times wrote, ‘Since Sept. 11, 2001, nearly twice as many people have been killed by white supremacists, antigovernment fanatics and other non-Muslim extremists than by radical Muslims.’

NPR highlighted the same comparison in an interview with Peter Bergen, a journalist who oversees the list for New America Foundation (NAF). Bergen told NPR, ‘We found that there were, you know, 26 deaths that are attributable to jihadist terrorists since 9/11…And we found 48 attributable to people with extreme right-wing, racist or antigovernment views.’

But the nearly 2:1 ratio of attacks was short-lived. The additional death toll from shootings in San Bernardino, CA and at military recruiting centers in Chattanooga, TN means there have been 19 deaths associated with Islamic jihadism in 2015, the most in any single year since 9/11.

According to NAF, 45 people have been killed by jihadists since 9/11, while 48 have been killed by ‘right-wing’ terrorists, including three people killed at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado last month.

As Breitbart News has pointed out before, there are some problems with the NAF list. For instance, the list of right-wing killers includes Joseph Stack, despite a suicide note/manifesto that criticized George Bush, organized religion, America and, finally, quoted the communist manifesto and criticized capitalism. Stack was clearly anti-government, but it seems less clear he was anyone’s idea of right wing.

More significantly, the NAF list of jihadist attacks omits several honor killings and at least one religiously motivated murder on American soil. The most dubious omission from the list is the 17 people murdered by the Beltway Sniper duo in 2002. John Muhammad was convicted of terrorism charges in Virginia, where he was later executed. His accomplice, Lee Malvo, made multiple drawings in jail mentioning ‘jihad’ and praising Osama bin Laden.

One improvement has been made to the list in the last 18 months or so. NAF removed a shooting by Joshua Cartwright in 2009, which stemmed from a domestic violence incident. Cartwright killed two police officers who tried to arrest him. His wife later claimed he was upset by the election of Barack Obama. If that sounds like a stretch, I guess NAF decided it was too.

Breitbart News contacted NAF to ask about their inclusion of Stack as a right-wing killer and their omission of the Beltway sniper attacks. They did not respond in time to be included in this article.” Source – Breitbart.

Flashback: Obama Praises American Muslims For Their ‘Good Works’ … ‘We’ve Seen The Results’ – “President Obama late Thursday celebrated Ramadan with a traditional dinner in the State Dining Room, saying that throughout the nation’s history, ‘Islam has contributed to the character of our country.’ In remarks before the Iftar dinner, eaten by Muslims after sunset to end the day of fasting, Obama quoted from the Koran … ‘Every day, Muslim-Americans are helping to shape the way that we think and the way that we work and the way that we do business,’ he said.” Read more.

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Rearing Its Ugly Head: Terrifying Graphic Shows Global Spread Of ISIS In Just 2 Years As Terrorists Around The World Swear Allegiance

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Revelation 13:2b-4, And to it the dragon gave his power and his throne and great authority. One of its heads seemed to have a mortal wound, but its mortal wound was healed, and the whole earth marveled as they followed the beast. And they worshiped the dragon, for he had given his authority to the beast, and they worshiped the beast, saying, ‘Who is like the beast, and who can fight against it?’

Many in the Church today have been taught that most of Revelation is yet to happen in the future, but the fact of the matter is that much of what Revelation describes has already taken place and is in the process of taking place today. Although the Islamic world had been in a relative “cocoon-like” state for much of the 20th century since the Islamic Caliphate received its mortal “head wound” in 1924, a new phase in its metamorphosis is being quickly revealed as it heals. What is emerging, however, is far from beautiful …

Qur’an Sura 3:160, “If Allah helps you, none can overcome you …”

Qur’an Sura 4:141, “… never will Allah give the disbelievers over the believers a way to overcome them.”


By Corey Charlton, Daily Mail – “The full scale of Islamic State’s influence can today be laid bare as it’s revealed dozens of terror groups worldwide have pledged their allegiance to the barbaric extremists.

From militia lurking in the jungles of the Philippines to sleeper cells training in the deserts of Libya, a vast array of groups are now claiming to be operating alongside the jihadis’ notorious black and white banner.

It is clear the groups have little in common except their desire to establish their own kingdoms governed by a traditional interpretation of Sharia law. But they are united by one other common principle – they will do anything to realise their goals.

Among the atrocities to be attributed to these groups is the use of child soldiers, suicide bombings, gangland-style warfare, kidnappings and extortion.

Frighteningly, the vast majority of them have pledged their allegiance to ISIS either this year or in 2014, suggesting the group is enjoying a rapid growth of influence.

In total, a staggering 42 international groups are believed to have offered support or pledged affiliation to ISIS and its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, according to the Global Terrorism Index, published last month by the Institute for Economics and Peace.

Some, such as Saudi Arabia’s Supporters of the Islamic State in the Land of the Two Holy Mosques, may be little more than rag-tag groupings of people inspired by the ISIS banner.

But others, such as Nigeria’s Boko Haram or the Philippines’ Abu Sayyaf, have been operating independently for many years and are among multiple well-established groups to swear loyalty to the organisation.

The degree to which these groups are linked to ISIS also varies – some have made only an offer of support or symbolic association. Others are thought to have sent fighters to the Middle East, or are groups established by ISIS that essentially operate as sleeper cells.

Dr Christina Schori Liang, a senior fellow at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, told MailOnline ISIS had simply fostered a brand which was so effective other terror groups wanted to be associated with it.” Read more.

Hadith, Muslim 1844, 1851, “Whoever gives his oath of allegiance to a leader and gives him his hand and his heart, let him obey him as much as he can … Whoever dies and did not make an oath of allegiance (to the Muslim leader) has died a death of jaahiliyyah [like an ignorant non-Muslim in pre-Islamic times]” – The “Prophet” Mohammed

Recommended: How Revelation’s Predictive Biblical Prophecy Foresaw The Beast Of Islam – “John witnessed those worshiping the Beast asking, ‘Who is like the beast? Who can wage war against it?’ (13:4). In addition to being guilty of murder, idolatry, sexual immorality and thievery, all who worship the Beast would also present themselves as a powerful, resolute, unbeatable force. It is the reason for which they remain unrepentant. Islamists all around the world are conditioned by Mohammed’s teachings to view their cause as one that is unassailable, a view that is only reinforced with the rise of the ISIS Caliphate, the newest and most powerful terror entity in the history of the world (formerly Al Qaeda in Iraq, or AQI). Members and supporters of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria self-identify as Mohammed’s most loyal followers who adhere to Islamic teachings as proscribed by their prophet. They ‘truly believe that they are invincible and that if they practice what they believe to be true Islam, Allah will bless them and use them to conquer the Earth to bring all people to their form of Islam under their brand of Sharia’ (Stratfor, The Islamic State’s Use of Extreme Violence by Scott Stewart).” Read more.

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