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Belgium: Muslim Preachers Teaching Kids To Steal From Non-Muslims

Stealing. Where would Islam be without it? …

Revelation 9:21, “And they did not repent of their murders or their sorceries [“φαρμακεία” – idolatry] or their sexual immorality or their thefts.”

gettingthere-t3-brusselsmap-revBy Jay Akbar, Mail Online – “Radical preachers are grooming troubled teenagers to rob people on the streets of Belgium before shipping them off to fight in Syria, it has been reported.

Anti terror units are said to be probing clerics in the Molenbeek district of Brussels, dubbed the ‘jihadi capital of Europe’, who are brainwashing children into pickpocketing ‘non believers’.

The teenagers, who carry out ten robberies a day, are given a £1,700 bonus the first time they travel to war ravaged Syria and returnees are given £3,100, it is claimed.

They are also given up to £400 which pays for their crossing from Turkey into war torn Syria, Matthew Drake of the Sunday People has reported.

Some of them are said to be signed up by Muslim preacher Khalid Zerkani, 41, nicknamed ‘Santa Claus’, who orders them to steal cameras, cash and jewellery at Brussels’ Eurostar station.

Zerkani is said to run a network of traffickers in Istanbul, Turkey, and has sent several teenagers to join ISIS in Syria.

One boy called Yousef carried out ten robberies a day for a month before he was offered the chance to go to Syria, police reports revealed.

Radical clerics are believed to justify the crimes by telling children that Belgium is an ‘enemy of Islam’.” Read more.

The Qur’anic Con: How Revelation’s Predictive Biblical Prophecy Foresaw Islamic Teachings – “… another ‘excellent example’ for all Muslims to follow today is Mohammed’s plundering and pillaging for the cause of Allah, the modus operandi of Islam and the core of Mohammed’s conquests. In Egypt and elsewhere, Christians are robbed of employment and unable to buy or sell for the simple fact that they are Christian, and their properties are seized and taxed by Muslim gangs. In Bangladesh, a mob of Muslims attack a church and steal everything of value within it. In Iraq, ISIS terrorists order all Christian business assets over to the Islamic State, turns stolen Christian homes into bomb factories and opens a market in Mosul for stolen Christian property. All across the ‘Islamic State’ Muslim terrorists loyal to their marvelous new Caliphate rob and plunder Christians fleeing their advance. Even a Muslim preacher in the Land of the Free, in the state of Tennessee, has openly declared it perfectly acceptable under Islam to steal the lives and property of non-Muslims for the sake of Jihad. The core of Mohammed’s conquests have been reflected all throughout Islamic history, and remains the reality of Islamic law today.” Read more.


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