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The Death Of Europe – How The “Mohammed Retirement Plan” Will Kill It

Muslim men of military fighting age, far too many of whom refuse to work. What could possibly go wrong? …

Qur’an Sura 3:110, “Ye [Muslims] are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind …”

Qur’an Sura 8:55, “Surely the vilest of animals in Allah’s sight are [non-Muslims] …”

By Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Mag – “European leaders talk about two things these days; preserving European values by taking in Muslim migrants and integrating Muslim migrants into Europe by getting them to adopt European values.

It does not occur to them that their plan to save European values depends on killing European values.

The same European values that require Sweden, a country of less than 10 million, to take in 180,000 Muslim migrants in one year also expects the new ‘Swedes’ to celebrate tolerance, feminism and gay marriage. Instead European values have filled the cities of Europe with Shariah patrols, unemployed angry men waving ISIS flags and the occasional public act of terror.

European countries that refuse to invest money in border security instead find themselves forced to invest money into counterterrorism forces. And those are bad for European values too.

But, as Central European countries are discovering, European values don’t have much to do with the preservation of viable functioning European states. Instead they are about the sort of static Socialism that Bernie Sanders admires from abroad. But even a Socialist welfare state requires people to work for a living. Maine’s generous welfare policies began collapsing once Somali Muslims swarmed in to take advantage of them. Denmark and the Dutch, among other of Bernie Sanders’ role models, have been sounding more like Reagan and less like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.

Two years ago, the Dutch King declared that, ‘The classic welfare state of the second half of the 20th century in these areas in particular brought forth arrangements that are unsustainable in their current form.’ That same year, the Danish Finance Minister called for the ‘modernization of the welfare state.’

But the problem isn’t one of modernization, it’s medievalization.

27% of Moroccans and 21% of Turks in the Netherlands are unemployed. It’s 27% in Denmark for Iraqis. And even when employed, their average income is well below the European average.

Critics pointed out in the past that a multicultural America can’t afford the welfare states that European countries have. Now that those same countries are turning multicultural, they can’t afford them either.

Europe invested in the values of its welfare state. The Muslim world invested in large families. Europe expects the Muslim world to bail out its shrinking birth rate by working and paying into the system so that its aging population can retire. The Muslim migrants however expect Europe to subsidize their large families with its welfare state while they deal some drugs and chop off some heads on the side.

Once again, European values are in conflict with European survival.

The European values that require Europe to commit suicide are about ideology, not language, culture or nationhood. But the incoming migrants don’t share that ideology. They have their own Islamic values.” Read more.

Video: Next Wave Of Muslim Invasion In Europe … Are All Men

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  1. surj1936
    10/21/2015 at 6:20 PM

    Europe has dug its own grave, In few decades muslims will pull the chain and Europe will be flushed out for good


    • 10/25/2015 at 12:43 AM

      @surj1936. “In [a] few decades”???? Do you really think Europe has 20 or 30 years left of democratic government???? I hate to inform you, ‘surj1936’, but Europe is DEAD IN THE WATER!!! Europe has no time left at all! French Jews are fleeing to Israel as we speak! England now has two court systems–one for native Brits and one for muzzlumz! In The Netherlands, which had one of the most liberal-minded gov’t systems anywhere, it is no longer safe to openly declare that one is gay–on threat of public execution by muzzies! Do we really believe that the muzzies are going to settle back on their laurels and count their lucky charms???? NOT ON YOUR LIFE!!!! They’re coming for Canada and the USA!!!! The only hope for this world is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but Satan has blinded the minds of Westerners to think that we still have lots of time left! NO…NO WE DON’T!!! There is no time left at all! God’s hand of judgment is about to fall and this world is about to face a bloodbath like never before since the dawn of Creation!!!


  2. 10/21/2015 at 7:18 PM

    “Qur’an Sura 3:110, “Ye [Muslims] are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind”

    That verse should tell you that the Qur’an is a phony and drummed up by Satan himself for stupid people.


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