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Iranian General: Our Military Buildup Won’t Stop Until The “Full Annihilation And Destruction” Of Israel

Barack Obama’s surrender to Iran is much worse than Neville Chamberlain’s surrender to Germany. The weapons of yesteryear were limited in terms of their destructive potential. Today, however, we are dealing with weapons of mass destruction and an enemy that is literally hell-bent on obtaining them, all the while making it very clear what they intend to do once they have them. Barack Obama and his myopic minions somehow seem to believe that what kept the “cold war” between America and Russia cold will also prevent a nuclear holocaust from happening between Iran and Israel. But “mutually assured destruction” is not a deterrent to a nation that seeks death for the glory of “Allah.” It is an incentive. According to the “prophet” of Islam, “war is deceit” (Hadith, Al Bukhari 4.268). And now that the West has been deceived, there will be war …

Qur’an Sura 4:74, “Let those believers who sell the life of this world for the Hereafter fight in the Cause of Allah, and whoso fights in the Cause of Allah, and is killed or gets victory, We shall bestow on him a great reward.”

Qur’an Sura 9:111, “Indeed, Allah has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties in exchange for that they will have Paradise. They fight in the cause of Allah , so they kill and are killed … So rejoice in your transaction which you have contracted. And it is that which is the great attainment.”

By Jordan Schachtel, Breitbart – “A senior Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps Commander (IRGC) stated Wednesday that Iran will not stop building up its military until Israel is annihilated.

The United States and Israel ‘should know that the Islamic Revolution will continue enhancing its preparedness until it overthrows Israel and liberates Palestine,’ Iranian Brigadier General Mohsen Kazzemeini said Wednesday, while leading military drills in Tehran, according to Iran’s state-run Fars News.

‘And we will continue defending not just our own country, but also all the oppressed people of the world, specifically those countries that are standing on the forefront of confrontation with the Zionists,’ he added, likely referring to Iran’s consistent support of terrorist groups Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Assad regime in Syria.

He said that the only way to deal with Israel ‘is full annihilation and destruction of the Zionist regime.’ Kazzemeini encouraged Palestinians to continue the ‘armed struggle against Tel Aviv,’ according to the Fars News readout.

Kazzemeini spoke in the midst of military drills that involved some 250,000 personnel, the report stated.

The General’s comments came on the same day that members of Iran’s Basij militia took to the former U.S. embassy in Tehran and proceeded to set fire to the flags of the United States, Britain, and Israel. The militia members were at the embassy to celebrate the unveiling of a plaque on the former U.S. embassy fence that displayed 100 derogatory terms to describe the U.S., according to an AFP report.” Read more.

  1. 09/03/2015 at 5:00 PM

    There is a LIGHT at the end of this tunnel of islamic darkness! It’s the Light of Christ! “Even so come, LORD JESUS”!


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