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Saudi King Dies, Iran Sees Death As “Prophetic” Sign Preceding “Islamic Messiah” And Israel’s Destruction

According to many Shia Islamic scholars, “Abdullah’s death will mark the beginning of a chain of great events that will shock the world.” In 2011, an Iranian-produced documentary outlining Islamic end-times theology revealed how the Ayatollahs in Iran believed that the death of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah would be a major sign preceding the imminent arrival of an Islamic “messiah” figure, known as the Mahdi, and the destruction of the State of Israel. Now that King Abdullah has died, expect to hear even more eschatological pronouncements out of Iran at any moment … along with efforts to press toward the fulfillment of their false Islamic “prophecies.” Stay tuned …

By Nancy Yousseff, Daily Beast – “What’s left of the Middle East’s stability was suddenly thrown into question as the kingdom’s longtime ruler was pronounced dead.

Saudi King and longtime U.S. ally Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al Saud died Friday morning, local time, Saudi television announced. His passing, at 90, marks the end of one the strongest U.S. allies in the region and puts oil prices and the politics of the region in question.

Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz, 80, was declared king, the Royal Court announced in a statement; Prince Muqrin, the Crown Prince and royal heir. Salman has served as defense minister for nearly three years; before that he was the governor of Riyadh province for nearly a half-century. That the kingdom announced his ascension so quickly appeared to be an effort to assuage fears that the oil-rich country would become unstable in the wake of the king’s death.

‘His Highness Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and all members of the family and the nation mourn the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, who passed away at exactly 1 a.m. this morning,’ said the statement.

That an 80-year-old with health issues of his own — he reportedly suffers from dementia — is now taking over means Abdullah’s grandsons could soon be jostling over who should be the long term successor. In the meantime, Salman is expected to maintain the kingdom’s alliance with the United States. But how exactly he will put his stamp on the kingdom creates great uncertainty for the U.S., the Middle East and the world’s oil markets, largely defined by Saudi Arabia.

Most importantly for the United States will be how Salman reacts to U.S. efforts to strike a deal with Iran.Read more.

Flashback: Iran: Death Of King Abdullah Means Islamic Messiah Is Near, A Final Grand War Against Islam’s Enemies Will Culminate With Israel’s Destruction – “The Iranian government has produced a bone-chilling documentary that claims that Ayatollah Khamenei, President Ahmadinejad, and Hassan Nasrallah are talked about in Islamic prophecy as leaders who will wage war to bring about the arrival of the Hidden Imam, which the film says is ‘very close’ to happening… The purpose of the film is to make the case that Iran is prophetically destined to lead the war against Islam’s enemies, which is as a prelude to the appearance of the Hidden Imam, also called the Mahdi, who brings the final victory for Islam and reigns over the whole world… the death of Saudi King Abdullah will be a major sign that the destruction of Israel and arrival of the Mahdi are imminent.” Read more.

Flashback: Shiite Hadiths Link Saudi King’s Death To End-Times – “According to Shiite hadiths, after the death of a king named Abdullah in the Hijaz — a western region of present-day Saudi Arabia — no successor to the throne would be accepted, and disagreements would escalate and persist until the rise of Imam Mahdi. The Shiites believe that divine Imams are heirs to the political and religious Ummah, or Islamic nation. These 12 imams are successors to the Prophet Muhammad and to the head of the caliphate, with Mahdi being the final Imam who disappeared, or went into occultation. Mahdi will be revealed only in the end-times, along with Jesus, to deliver peace to the world. According to the book ‘250 Signs Until the Appearance of Imam Mahdi,’ Prophet Muhammad said: ‘On doomsday, a man who is carrying the name of an animal ascends to the throne, after which a man named Abdullah comes to the power. Whoever informs me of his death, I will inform him of the rise [of Mahdi]. After Abdullah passes away, for several days and months, the government will appear.'” Read more.

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    Can you Say INSANITY–these Islamic demons are sooo peace loving– NOT!


  2. Anonymous
    01/24/2015 at 11:48 PM

    It would be just like (Satan=Allah) to device all who believe in Islam that the end has come. Isn’t it strange how? The end coincides with the prophecies of the one True GOD the God of Abraham, Isac, and Jacob


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