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Saudi King Dies, Iran Sees Death As “Prophetic” Sign Preceding “Islamic Messiah” And Israel’s Destruction

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According to many Shia Islamic scholars, “Abdullah’s death will mark the beginning of a chain of great events that will shock the world.” In 2011, an Iranian-produced documentary outlining Islamic end-times theology revealed how the Ayatollahs in Iran believed that the death of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah would be a major sign preceding the imminent arrival of an Islamic “messiah” figure, known as the Mahdi, and the destruction of the State of Israel. Now that King Abdullah has died, expect to hear even more eschatological pronouncements out of Iran at any moment … along with efforts to press toward the fulfillment of their false Islamic “prophecies.” Stay tuned …

By Nancy Yousseff, Daily Beast – “What’s left of the Middle East’s stability was suddenly thrown into question as the kingdom’s longtime ruler was pronounced dead.

Saudi King and longtime U.S. ally Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al Saud died Friday morning, local time, Saudi television announced. His passing, at 90, marks the end of one the strongest U.S. allies in the region and puts oil prices and the politics of the region in question.

Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz, 80, was declared king, the Royal Court announced in a statement; Prince Muqrin, the Crown Prince and royal heir. Salman has served as defense minister for nearly three years; before that he was the governor of Riyadh province for nearly a half-century. That the kingdom announced his ascension so quickly appeared to be an effort to assuage fears that the oil-rich country would become unstable in the wake of the king’s death.

‘His Highness Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and all members of the family and the nation mourn the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, who passed away at exactly 1 a.m. this morning,’ said the statement.

That an 80-year-old with health issues of his own — he reportedly suffers from dementia — is now taking over means Abdullah’s grandsons could soon be jostling over who should be the long term successor. In the meantime, Salman is expected to maintain the kingdom’s alliance with the United States. But how exactly he will put his stamp on the kingdom creates great uncertainty for the U.S., the Middle East and the world’s oil markets, largely defined by Saudi Arabia.

Most importantly for the United States will be how Salman reacts to U.S. efforts to strike a deal with Iran.Read more.

Flashback: Iran: Death Of King Abdullah Means Islamic Messiah Is Near, A Final Grand War Against Islam’s Enemies Will Culminate With Israel’s Destruction – “The Iranian government has produced a bone-chilling documentary that claims that Ayatollah Khamenei, President Ahmadinejad, and Hassan Nasrallah are talked about in Islamic prophecy as leaders who will wage war to bring about the arrival of the Hidden Imam, which the film says is ‘very close’ to happening… The purpose of the film is to make the case that Iran is prophetically destined to lead the war against Islam’s enemies, which is as a prelude to the appearance of the Hidden Imam, also called the Mahdi, who brings the final victory for Islam and reigns over the whole world… the death of Saudi King Abdullah will be a major sign that the destruction of Israel and arrival of the Mahdi are imminent.” Read more.

Flashback: Shiite Hadiths Link Saudi King’s Death To End-Times – “According to Shiite hadiths, after the death of a king named Abdullah in the Hijaz — a western region of present-day Saudi Arabia — no successor to the throne would be accepted, and disagreements would escalate and persist until the rise of Imam Mahdi. The Shiites believe that divine Imams are heirs to the political and religious Ummah, or Islamic nation. These 12 imams are successors to the Prophet Muhammad and to the head of the caliphate, with Mahdi being the final Imam who disappeared, or went into occultation. Mahdi will be revealed only in the end-times, along with Jesus, to deliver peace to the world. According to the book ‘250 Signs Until the Appearance of Imam Mahdi,’ Prophet Muhammad said: ‘On doomsday, a man who is carrying the name of an animal ascends to the throne, after which a man named Abdullah comes to the power. Whoever informs me of his death, I will inform him of the rise [of Mahdi]. After Abdullah passes away, for several days and months, the government will appear.'” Read more.

“The Wrath Of Allah Is About To Come Down Upon The Kaffir”: UK Muslim Seriously Injures Man With Hammer And Machete

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And the media seems to be doing everything it can to somehow pretend it had absolutely nothing to do with Islam …

Qur’an Sura 8:59a, “The infidels should not think that they can get away from us. Prepare against them whatever arms and weaponry you can muster so that you may terrorize them …”

By Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch – “Last week, a young man named Zack Davies ran amok in a Tesco supermarket in north Wales. He attacked a Sikh, Sarandev Brahambra, with a hammer and a machete, leaving him with serious injuries. This story from the Mirror last week identifies the victim by name but describes him only as ‘Asian,’ without ever saying he was Sikh, and also says: ‘The attacker was shouting ‘White power’, witnesses said, and detectives have confirmed the assault appeared to be racially-motivated.’ So this was presented to the British public as a an attack by one of those right-wing racists that British authorities are much more concerned about than they are about Islamic jihadists, and this attack appeared to substantiate their concern.

There’s just one catch: Zack Davies is a Muslim who calls himself Zak Ali, and who warned on his Facebook page on the morning of his attack in Tesco: ‘The wrath of Allah is about to come down upon the kaffir, I will have my revenge.’ He also posted four Qur’an verses (identifying the suras as ‘books’) that call for violence against unbelievers:

Book of Al-Anfal, verse 12 ( 8:12) – “I (Allah) will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off.”

5- Book of Al-Baqara, verse 191 (2:191) – “Kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from wherever they drove you out.”

6- Book of Al-Baqara, verse 193 (2:193) – “Fight them on until there is no more tumult and religion becomes that of Allah”

7- Book of Al-Tawba verse 29 (9:29) – “Fight those who do not believe in Allah and the last day… and fight People of the Book, (Christian and Jews) who do not accept the religion of truth (Islam) until they pay tribute (Jizyah tax) by hand, being inferior.”

The fact that Zak Ali is a Muslim who clearly believes in jihad against unbelievers doesn’t mean that this wasn’t a ‘white power’ attack. As I have noted before, neo-Nazis have an affinity for Islam, based on their shared Jew-hatred. The British media, however, has not reported on the jihad aspect of this attack at all. Yet two reports strongly suggested that at least some British journalists know that the perpetrator was a Muslim, and are Read more…

Believers Behaving Badly: Another Violent Muslim In Spain Arrested For Imitating Mohammed, “I’m Going To Kill Everyone, Christians You Will Die!”

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He was tested to ascertain if he was “under the influence of drugs or suffered from a mental illness.” Naturally. The drug is called Islam, and so is the illness. The cure is called Christ

Hadith, Bukhari 2977, “I have been made victorious with terror” – The “Prophet” Of Islam, Mohammed

Qur’an Sura 33:21, “Indeed in Allah’s Messenger (Mohammad) you have an excellent example to follow for him who hopes in (meeting with) Allah and the Last Day …”

By Raymond Ibrahim, Islam Translated – “To screams of ‘Allahu Akbar!’ and ‘You will all die!’ — an unruly and violent young Moroccan man resisted arrest and tried to steal a police officer’s weapon.

On January 9, the Regional Police ‘Mossos d’Esquadra’ arrested Moroccan-born 18-year-old Omar S. in Manresa.

According to Cadena Ser, who had access to the police report, the man was yelling jihadi slogans such as ‘Allahu Akbar!’ and ‘You will all die!’ The detainee further attempted to snatch the gun of the policeman trying to apprehend him and smashed to pieces the windows of the police car.

The incident occurred on Friday afternoon when the young man violently broke into a grocery shop on Barrera Manresa Street, where he tried to acquire a knife. The owners threw him out and alerted the police.

By the time Mossos patrol identified the man, he was walking up and down the street screaming in Spanish: ‘I am a Muslim and Allah is great!’

According to the police report, the Muslim man tried to escape by pushing the two auxiliary agents, but they intercepted him a few meters down the road. When they tried to immobilize him, the man began shouting more Islamic slogans.

Then he put his hand on the pistol grip of one of the Mossos and forcefully struggled to get it out of the safety sheath, according to the police report. The officer hit him on the wrist to get his hand off and managed to handcuff him.

According to the same story accessed by SER Catalonia, during his transfer, the man smashed the side and rear windows of the patrol car.  Police ended up tying him with tape and moving him to another patrol car to transfer him to the General Hospital of Manresa, where he was sedated.

During the transfer, he kept shouting things like, ‘You killed my brothers in Paris. I’m going to kill everyone. Christians, you will die!’

Later, he was administered comprehensive tests to ascertain if he was under the influence of drugs or suffered from a mental illness.  Before this incident, he was in the Juvenile Facility Estribos de Sant Salvador de Guardiola, where he had tried to propagate ideas of holy war and jihad among other youths of North African origin, explained the Mossos.” Source – Islam Translated.

Flashback: Islam: It’s A Pain In Spain

Again: Muslim Father Beats Daughter To Death For Converting To Christianity

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Because of Christ, her earthly father put her in the ground one day. But because of Christ, her Heavenly Father will one day raise her from it …

John 3:16, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

Luke 21:16-17, “And ye shall be betrayed both by parents, and brethren, and kinsfolks, and friends; and some of you shall they cause to be put to death. And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake.”

John 11:25, “… I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live …”

Portion of Imam Abudalah Ali’s statement disowning his daughter for conversion to Christ. (Morning Star New)

Muslim Father’s Statement Disowning Daughter For Believing In Christ

Morning Star News – “A 12-year-old girl who was hospitalized for two weeks after her Muslim father beat her and her sister for converting to Christ last month is traumatized after learning that her sister died from the assault, sources said.

Naigaga Saidah’s father, Imam Abudalah Ali of Bwita mosque in Kaliro District, allegedly beat to death her 15-year-old sister, Namugonya Jamirah, on Dec. 11 after the sisters put their trust in Christ at a five-day evangelistic event that ended that day. Beaten unconscious, Naigaga did not learn of her sister’s death until a pastor had transferred her to safety in another town on Jan. 7, sources said.

‘Saidah needs prayers, trauma counseling and medication for the left side of her hip that was injured by the father,’ a source whose name is withheld for security reasons told Morning Star News.

After the Dec. 7-11 evangelistic campaign at Bwita trading center in the Nakibungulya area of Kaliro District, a neighbor told Ali that his daughters had become Christians, sources said. That afternoon, 17 Muslims arrived at the venue of the evangelistic meeting, but the participants had left, a source said.

‘Their father got the information that his daughters have converted, and he organized a small group of fellow Muslims, about 17 people, to go and attack the Christians,’ a source said. ‘He found the campaign had finished but went back to his home and waited for the daughters. When they went back home, the father picked up the club and started beating them badly till one called Jamirah died.’

Saidah managed to escape when her father went inside the house to look for water to splash her back to consciousness, the source said. She arrived limping in blood-stained clothes at a pastor’s house.” Read more.

Flashback: Neither Tribulation Nor Sword Can Separate Us From Christ

Freed Yazidi: I Was Forced To Declare Belief In Mohammed, “I Had To Say It In The End To Save My Life”

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Sounds awfully familiar, doesn’t it? While these beasts of the earth are doing everything they can to eliminate the number of “infidels” for the cause of Islam and its deity, they’re also doing everything they can to increase Mohammed’s number …

Revelation 13:15-18, “The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed… This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate [ψηφίζω – ‘reckon’] the number [ἀριθμός – ‘multitude’ of people] of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is [χξς – ‘In The Name of Allah’ in Arabic].”

Qur’an Sura 49:15, “The believers [Muslims] are only the ones who have believed in Allah and His Messenger …”

Qur’an Sura 48:10, “Indeed, those who pledge allegiance to you, [O Muhammad] – they are actually pledging allegiance to Allah …”

Qur’an Sura 4:80, “He who obeys the Messenger [Mohammed] has obeyed Allah …”

“Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) practiced what he preached. He very carefully and meticulously followed the Qur’an, Allah’s Word that was revealed to him. He followed and lived the Qur’an at every moment in every detail of his life. His life was the reflection of Allah’s Words. He became the Qur’an in person, the embodiment of the Qur’an, or one may even say in a metaphorical sense the Word in flesh.” – Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi, President of the Fiqh Council of North America

By Fazel Hawramy, The Guardian – “Yazidi shepherd Amin Jendi was herding his flock in northwest Iraq on an August morning last year when Islamic State (Isis) militants attacked. By the time the 54-year-old returned to his village in the Sinjar area at lunchtime, Isis had taken over, and he wasdetained by the militants.

Considered apostates by Isis, Amin and several thousand other Yazidis were taken to several places under the group’s control, including Mosul, and held captive for over five months. While hundreds of followers of the ancient religion have been massacred by Isis, around 200 elderly, sick and disabled Yazidis were freed by the extremist group on Saturday. Jendi was one of them.

‘I was beaten up because I refused to say the Shahada,’ says Amin, referring to the Islamic declaration of faith which is emblazoned on the Isis flag. ‘I had to say it in the end to save my life.’

Isis militants swooped into northern Iraq in early June last year. Two months later they targeted the Yazidi minority, whose members are considered to be devil worshippers by the militant group,and killed hundreds of them and took several thousand prisoners.” Read more.

The Mark Of The Beast: What Your Church May Not Be Telling You – “Exegetically and hermeneutically, the ‘number’ (arithmos) of the beast does not necessitate the use of mathematics or gammatria to ‘reckon’ (understand) what it is, something that many prophecy teachers often fall into. The word ‘arithmos’ is used a total of 18 times in the NT, and aside from Rev 5:11 when John refers to the number of living beings he witnesses around the throne of God, every other time ‘arithmos’ is used it is always referring to a group of people. This is significant because it therefore means that the Greek text is better understood as ‘the multitude of the beast: for it is the multitude of a man.’ But what multitude of people would that be and what man are they all following? There is nothing in the text telling us that the man referred to here must be someone alive at that specific time or an end-of-days Antichrist. So what and who is John the Revelator referring to? Significantly, as noted above, ‘chi-xi-stigma’ (often translated as ‘666’) closely resembles the Arabic Bismallah, which translates to ‘In The Name Of Allah’. In order to convert to ‘Allah’s’ religion, however, one must recite the Islamic statement of faith, called the Shahada, by declaring that ‘There is no god but Allah, and MOHAMMED is his messenger.'” Read more.

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