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France: Muslim Brothers Responsible For “Hebdo” Massacre In Paris Returned From Syria This Summer

It isn’t the first time blood-thirsty jihadists returning from Syria have killed in the name of Islam. And it won’t be the last …

Qur’an Sura 24:2, “Let not compassion move you from carrying out [Allah’s] law …”

Qur’an Sura 2:191-193, “And slay them wherever ye find them … for persecution [of Muslims] is worse than slaughter [of non-Muslims] … fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah.”

Qur'an 9:111, "... They fight in the cause of Allah, so they kill and are killed ..."

Qur’an 9:111, “… They fight in the cause of Allah, so they kill and are killed …”

By Maya Vidon-White and William M. Welch, USA Today – “Authorities identified three suspects in a deadly shooting attack on a satirical newspaper that killed 12 people Wednesday as thousands jammed a public square for an evening vigil honoring victims of France’s deadliest terror attack in a half century.

Two of those killed were police officers, one of them shot dead on a sidewalk outside the newspaper. Eight journalists were among the victims.

The suspects are two brothers — Said, 34, and Cherif Kouachi, 32, both French nationals — and Hamyd Mourad, 18, whose nationality wasn’t known, a Paris police official told the Associated Press. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly.

The youngest suspect surrendered at a police station in Charleville-Mezieres, a small town in France’s eastern Champagne region, Paris prosecutor’s spokeswoman Agnes Thibault-Lecuivre said. French police early Thursday released photos of the brothers they were seeking, saying they should be considered armed and dangerous.

French news media reported late Wednesday that a major police operation was taking place around an apartment building in Reims, about 90 miles northeast of Paris.

The brothers were born in Paris of Algerian descent. Cherif was sentenced to three years in prison on terrorism charges in May 2008. Both brothers returned from Syria this summer.

At least 15,000 gathered at the Place de la République for a vigil after the three gunmen, wearing hoods and armed with Kalashnikov automatic rifles, stormed the offices of Charlie Hebdo, shouting Islamic phrases and killing 12 people. The publication is a satirical newspaper that has caricatured the prophet Mohammed…

President Francois Hollande called the attack a terrorist act ‘of exceptional barbarism,’ and said other attacks have been thwarted in France in recent weeks. Fears have been running high in France and elsewhere in Europe that jihadis returning from conflicts in Syria and Iraq will stage attacks at home.

Cherif Kouachi was well known to French law enforcement. At 26, he was sentenced to three years in prison with 18 months suspended for criminal association with a terrorist enterprise for his conviction in 2008 as part of a group of seven men.

Prosecutors said the group recruited French Muslims to fight for al-Qaeda in Iraq. The group, known as the 19th Arrondissement Network for the working class Paris district where it was based, allegedly recruited young men, arranged for weapons training and helped them travel though Syria to Iraq. Police arrested Kouachi in January 2005, days before he allegedly planned to travel to Syria.” Read more.

Flashback: EU Anti-Terror Chief: Europe Can Expect More Islamist Attacks, French Expert: Threat Is Greater Than 9/11 – “Has Europe under-estimated the security threat posed by battle-hardened homegrown Islamic militants returning from Syria? … concern mounted Monday that the region is ill-equipped to cope with the threat posed by homegrown Islamic militants returning from Syria’s battlefields… Europe can expect further ‘small-scale attacks’ like the fatal shooting at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, the EU’s anti-terror chief Gilles de Kerchove said Monday. ‘I don’t expect another 9/11,’ he said in a video statement. ‘I don’t expect a major sophisticated attack.’ ‘I [do] expect more small-scale attacks like the one in Brussels,’ he added. Not everyone agrees. French Al-Qaeda expert Jean-Pierre Filiu believes the threat posed by groups like ISIS, for Europe, is greater than that created by the Taliban’s sheltering of Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan prior to the 2001 attacks on New York.” Read more.

Flashback: UK: Jihadist Fighter In Syria Threatens To Go On Killing Spree In Britain After Returning Home – “THE leader of the city council has moved to reassure people after it emerged a jihadi from Portsmouth posted he would go on a ‘killing spree’ if he returned from Syria. The comments from Councillor Donna Jones come after a man fighting with Al-Qaeda linked group Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant in Syria wrote a message on Twitter. The man, using the name Abu Abdullah, seemed to threaten to kill non-Muslims. He wrote: ‘Yeah mate, go back to Britain. You got to be joking. I’ll probably end up going on a killing spree with all the kuffar around me.’” Read more.

  1. anonymous
    01/09/2015 at 3:06 AM

    It’s a tradition at Charlie Hebdo to criticize whoever they want, be it the Pope or the French
    President and rail at anything. Cartoonists like Cabu or Wolinsky have been around for a long time, going back to May 1968. THey are also part of the French Culture, they have been
    assassinated. The crime is personal but it is also directed against free Speech.
    In Islam, people have no right to express their personal opinions. But we don’t have to follow
    their customs and laws.
    French people are free people just as the Americans are proud to belong to a free country.


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