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Afghanistan: Body Parts And Chunks Of Flesh From 50 Spectators Spread Islam At Volleyball Game After Suicide Bomber Visit

“There is no peace,” says the LORD, “for the wicked” (Isaiah 48:22). But there’s plenty of pieces for them to spread around for the cause of “Allah”, especially at something as un-Islamic as a volleyball game …

Hadith, Al-Tirmidhi 4649, “He does not belong to us who imitates other people. Do not imitate the Jews or the Christians …”

Things That Make You Go Boom

Things That Make You Go Boom

By Khan Mohammad, AFP – “About 50 people were killed and 60 others wounded when a suicide blast ripped through crowds at a volleyball game in eastern Afghanistan on Sunday, the deadliest attack in the country since 2011.

The explosion struck during a tournament between three local teams in Paktika province, a volatile region bordering Pakistan, with many children among the dead and injured.

The high death toll underlined the challenges facing Ashraf Ghani, the new Afghan president, as US-led NATO troops wind down operations and the national security forces take over responsibility for imposing stability.

‘I and my friends were watching the game and we were cheering each time our team scored,’ Abdulhay, an 11-year boy being treated for minor injuries in hospital in Sharana, the provincial capital of Paktika, told AFP by telephone.

‘Then I heard a boom that threw me back unconscious. I opened my eyes in the hospital and don’t know if my friends are dead or alive.’

There was no immediate response from the Taliban, the insurgent group behind many of the attacks across Afghanistan.

‘The suicide attacker was on a motorcycle, he detonated himself in the middle of a volleyball match,’ Attaullah Fazli, deputy governor of Paktika, told AFP.

‘A lot of people including some provincial officials and the police chief were there. About 50 people have been killed, and 60 injured, a lot of them seriously.'” Read more.

Flashback: Pakistani Taliban Declares Allegiance To ISIS Caliphate, Calls Upon All Militants In The Region To Do The Same – “The Pakistani Taliban declared allegiance to Islamic State on Saturday and ordered militants across the region to help the Middle Eastern jihadist group in its campaign to set up a global Islamic caliphate. Islamic State, which controls swathes of land in Syria and Iraq, has been making inroads into South Asia, which has traditionally been dominated by local Taliban insurgencies against both the Pakistan and Afghanistan governments. The announcement comes after a September move by al Qaeda chief, Ayman al-Zawahri, to name former Taliban commander Asim Umar as the ‘emir’ of a new South Asia branch of the network …” Read more.

Flashback: ISIS Caliphate Bans Sports, Social Studies And Math For Syrian Children – “After gaining control over Syria, the Islamic State terrorist group is now prohibiting thousands of children in the country from learning mathematics or social studies based on their newly released diktats. According to a report from CNN, Syrian children will no longer have the chance to learn about democracy and election as well as sports, and will instead be taught the radical teachings of the jihadists. Posters and fliers posted on street poles and billboards indicate the new educational demands and emphasize that anyone who disobeys ‘will be punished.’” Read more.

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