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Kuwait: Muslim Man Beats Wife To Death With Stick For Getting Pregnant Without His Permission

Qur’an Sura 4:34, “Men have authority over women because [Allah] has made the one superior to the other… Good women are obedient… As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them. Then if they obey you, take no further action against them…”

Disobedient women should be beaten, according to Islam. If they obey, however, then no further action should be taken against them. What a heart-warming revelation that must have been for newly converted Muslim women everywhere in Mohammed’s 7th century. Unfortunately, we have a woman today in the 21st who was unable to reverse conception by sheer willpower after being impregnated by her husband — with sperm that, according to the Qur’an, magically originates from between the backbone and the ribs (Sura 86:6-7). I’m now beginning to understand why Islam’s self-declared prophet felt the need to declare that “A man will not be asked as to why he beat his wife” (Hadith, Abu Dawud 2142). If the reasons why were revealed then everyone would start getting the impression that loony men like these are not so superior after all …

Qur’an Sura 38:44, “And take in your hand a green branch and beat her with it, and do not break your oath …”

Emirates 24/7 News – “A Kuwaiti court sentenced a local man to death after he was convicted of murdering his wife by smashing her head with a stick because she became pregnant without his permission, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The defendant confessed that he used a large stick to hit his wife on the head several times after he was maddened by her pregnancy.

‘The defendant said that he was infuriated when he learned that she became pregnant without his permission,’ ‘Al Watan’ said.” Source – Emirates 24/7 News.

Flashback: Kuwait: Muslim Man Beating Wife Tells Passersby To ‘Leave Me Alone, She Is My Wife I Can Do What I Want With Her’ – “A Kuwaiti man recently who was beating his wife in broad daylight on the Ahmed Jaber Street in Sharq shouted at the passersby and said ‘Leave me alone, she is my wife I can do what I want with her.’ The citizen then rushed to his vehicle and pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot anyone who tried to intervene between him and his wife and soon after fled the scene.” Read more.

Flashback: Australia: Muslim Jailed For Beating Wife Says Physical Punishment Of Women Is ‘Good’ In His Culture – “A Melbourne man who bound, gagged and repeatedly struck his wife with a piece of garden hose – and also shaved off her hair – has voluntarily bought a one-way ticket out of Australia… But his departure will be delayed until he serves the next two years in a Victorian prison for recklessly causing serious injury to his now former wife…” Read more.

Flashback: UK: Muslim Husband Beats Wife, Tells Police He Is Entitled To Beat Her … Because His Islamic Religion Allows It – “A Muslim man who claimed his religion entitled him to hit his wife has been given a community order. Shamshu Miah, 58, of Alexandra Road, Llandudno, struck his wife three times after she did not get him a cigarette. He later told police his religion allowed him to hit his wife if she did not do as she was told.” Read more.

Flashback: Egyptian Cleric: Islam Teaches A Man To Beat His Wife So That She’ll Treat Him With Kindness, Respect, And Know He Is Superior – “Islam instructs a man to beat his wife as a last resort before divorce, so that she will mend her ways, treat him with kindness and respect, and know that her husband has a higher status than her… A good woman, even if beaten by her husband, puts her hand in his and says: ‘I will not rest until you are pleased with me.’ This [is] how the Prophet Mohammed taught his women to be.” Read more.

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    This behavior, and Muslim religion is obviously irrational and ignorant.


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