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Somalia: Islamists Behead Two Teen Girls For Opposing Terrorism, Many Others Feared Dead

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Qur’an Sura 4:76,“Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah …”

Qur’an Sura 8:12, “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads …”

By Fuad Ahmed, Sabahi – “Al-Shabaab beheaded two women and kidnapped more than 20 civilians it accused of spying and opposing its views after briefly re-taking control of Kudha island on November 8th.

‘I can guarantee that the two women beheaded by al-Shabaab and the more than 20 civilians they [kidnapped] had nothing to do with the accusations levelled against them of spying for the Interim Jubba Administration (IJA),’ said Colonel Urdan Kilas Gurase of the IJA security forces.

‘The women were under the age of 20, and what these men are doing is barbaric,’ he told Sabahi.

Al-Shabaab fled Kudha Monday (November 10th), three days after attacking the island and killing at least 15 members of the IJA forces.

IJA forces are now back in control of the island, Gurase said.

Al-Shabaab militants had conducted house-to-house searches on the island and transported the kidnapped civilians to an unknown location, according to local media reports.

Many Kudha residents fled to remote areas out of fear of al-Shabaab’s brutality, Gurase said.

‘The [militants] are harming the public because they are upset at how the [civilians] were happy at their losses. All the civilians want is to be free of these al-Shabaab terrorists,’ he said.

Speaking from Kismayo, Kudha elder Omer Jeylani, 50, told Sabahi that people there are worried about the conditions their friends and families are facing back home.

‘The thing that worried us the most is when we heard two innocent women were beheaded in the middle of Kudha and the whereabouts of more than 20 people is unknown after al-Shabaab took them,’ Jeylani said. ‘We think they slaughtered those people too.’

It has been difficult to communicate with the people of Kudha as al-Shabaab has disrupted the communications network, Jeylani said.

‘It is difficult for us to communicate with our relatives there, and the people will not tell us much when we do get them [on the phone],’ he said. ‘They are frightened because al-Shabaab have forcefully entered many houses and taken people whose whereabouts are still unknown.'” Read more.

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