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Iraq: ISIS Caliphate Creating Jobs In Fallujah With Investment In Local Production Of … Suicide Vests

Meanwhile, pamphlets are being posted on buildings and mosques throughout the city forbidding the use of cigarettes and shisha water pipes since they “might distract people from worship.” In other words, smoking is absolutely forbidden by the Islamic State. Unless it involves a lot of noise and dead bodies. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a booming economy. Just not Islam’s literal version of it …

Romans 3:16-17, “Destruction and misery are in their ways; And the way of peace they have not known.”

Isaiah 24:6a, “Therefore the curse [“alah”] has devoured the earth, And those who dwell in it are desolate …”

Qur’an Sura 8:59a, “The infidels should not think that they can get away from us. Prepare against them whatever arms and weaponry you can muster so that you may terrorize them …”

Cash Only. No Payment Plans Available.

CASH ONLY: No Payment Plans Available.

By Ahmed Rasheed and Michael Georgy, The Daily Star – “After ISIS seized Fallujah in January it persuaded a man making covers for cars to sell suicide vests instead, one of many changes in the Iraqi city as it adapts to life under the ultra hard-line militants.

ISIS is notorious for beheading or executing anyone who stands in its way when seizing cities and towns in Iraq and Syria that form its self-proclaimed caliphate, often using suicide bombers to make advances.

The militants have issued guidelines on life with their ideology, requiring all women to wear face veils, and banning the cigarettes and Western-style haircuts that were popular in Fallujah before.

Many residents feel alienated by the changes. But in order to keep the ’empire’ and its holy war against governments and armies going, ISIS also strikes deals with people like the tailor, according to recent visitors to Fallujah who spoke to Reuters in Baghdad by telephone.

ISIS provided a generator and free fuel, enabling him to boost profits and churn out suicide vests, belts and trousers from a building pockmarked by U.S. bullets used against Al-Qaeda nearly a decade ago.

‘I passed through hard times. I have children to feed. I chose this new profession willingly and I take responsibility for the outcome,’ the tailor said.

Like other people quoted in this story, his name has not been included for security reasons.

Fallujah was the first Iraqi city to fall to ISIS, an Al-Qaeda offshoot comprised of Arabs and foreign fighters who have threatened to march on nearby Baghdad…

ISIS has guidelines on what is forbidden in pamphlets pasted on buildings and mosques across Fallujah: no cigarettes or shisha water pipes as they might distract people from worship …” Read more.

Isaiah 48:22, “‘There is no peace,’ says the LORD, ‘for the wicked.’”

Flashback: Islamic State Suicide Bombers kill 40 Kurds In Iraq – “THREE suicide attacks against offices in a Kurdish-controlled Iraqi town have killed at least 40 people, many of them Kurdish forces veterans volunteering to re-enlist, officials said. The Islamic State jihadist group claimed the attack via affiliated Twitter accounts, saying the three suicide bombers were from Germany, Saudi Arabia and Turkey… officials said there may have been only two car bombs and one suicide attacker detonating an explosives vest.” Read more.

Flashback: ISIS Suicide Bomb Trainer In Iraq Accidentally Blows Up His Class – “If there were such a thing, it would probably be rule No. 1 in the teaching manual for instructors of aspiring suicide bombers: Don’t give lessons with live explosives. In what represented a cautionary tale for terrorist teachers, and a cause of dark humor for ordinary Iraqis, a commander at a secluded terrorist training camp north of Baghdad unwittingly used a belt packed with explosives while conducting a demonstration early Monday for a group of militants, killing himself and 21 other members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, army and police officials said.” Read more.

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