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ISIS Caliphate Calls Upon Muslims In Canada To Kill More Canadians

Become a martyr and be guaranteed a place in paradise “without even leaving Canada.” Sadly, some of those who have pledged to obey al Baghdadi may be compelled to do precisely that …

Qur’an Sura 2:256a, “Let there be no compulsion in religion …”

Qur’an Sura 4:76a, “Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah …”

By Alexandra Klausner, Mail Online – “After two terrorist attacks in Canada in a week left two Canadian soldiers dead, ISIS has stepped up its rhetoric calling for even more radicals to carry out mass murder and mayhem in the country.

An even more horrifying fact is that an estimated 130 Muslim youths in Canada have been seduced and radicalized by ISIS and have even left Canada behind to join forces with them.

The first attack happened Monday night – a hit-and-run by suspected jihadist Martin Rouleau.

The second strike was carried out by a gunman on Wedesday on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. One of the shooters, Canadian national Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, was shot dead, reports Insite Blog.

Ever since Canada announced their involvement in the coalition against ISIS, jihadist supporters have taken to Twitter to call for ‘justice’ in the hopes to shake the country’s nerves by instilling fear and terror.

One such Twitter account is that of Abu Khalid Al-Kanadi who has tweeted several calls for attack and commented on Rouleu’s attack on October 21, 2014.

‘Muslims in Canada, follow the footsteps of our brave brother Martin Rouleau who took revenge for Canadian military aggression in our lands,’ he wrote.

One day later his account was suspended.

Insite Blog reports that a second jihadist Twitter account posted on October 21 and said that Canada is ‘starting to pay the price of intervention’ of the war against ISIS and followed up with a second tweet urging more attacks.

‘A Canadian Revert killed a Canadian Soldier then he earned Shahada at the hands of the kuffar All This reward.. without evn leaving Canada.'” Read more.

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    Unbelievable, the ‘New’ world we are living in…it has gone completely mad I think! :)


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    I’m always amazed at the naive belief these mentally ill barbarians have that people who believe in freedom and equality can be scared and intimidated into abandoning those beliefs.


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