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Sweden: Gang Of “Youths” In Muslim Area Viciously Assault Elderly Man After Thinking His Hearing Aid Was Police Radio

Qur’an Sura 18:26, “[Allah] maketh none to share in his government.”

10News.dk – “While non-Islamic authorities such as police, the fire service and postmen are regularly attacked in Muslim areas all over Europe, Islamic authorities such as imams, sharia courts and patrolling groups of Muslim fathers are highly respected. That is because according to the Quran, only Allah’s law – the Sharia – is allowed to rule on Earth. Man-made law – democracy – and its representatives and upholders are to be persecuted and killed for blasphemy and for allowing non-Muslims to be equal to the law. For that same reason, Muslims try to kill police men in the UK.

‘An elderly man who visited the district Tensta (Muslim area) was attacked by a gang – because they thought his hearing aid was an earpiece of a police radio. …

‘The gang started beating the older man, and when he tried to defend himself, he was attacked with kicks from a couple of other youths. He found it difficult to keep balance during the attacks because besides his hearing loss he is also completely dependent on his lenses in order to see, and the lenses were knocked out of his eyes because of the blows and kicks.’ …

According to Martin Marmgren (police man – follow his blog here ) it is not uncommon that people becomes threatening when they discover a civilian police officer. On his blog, Marmgren writes about a recent incident in which a gang of youths ran after a civilian colleague with the aim to ‘take him.’

‘- As civilian police one often works alone, while uniformed police officers are usually at least two,’ he says to Metro.se.

The Police Union is working to increase security for its members in the field. According to the Ombudsman Hasse Olsson the situation for police officers are becoming increasingly dangerous.

‘- I can not say that civilian police are especially targeted, but we see many signs that it is tough for the police out there. The climate has become tougher and they are not well received.”  Source – 10News.dk.

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