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Muslim Preacher In Britain Praises ISIS Caliphate: We Can Start Having Slave Girls Again!

Sex slaves. For the glory of “Allah” …

Romans 8:5-8, “… those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit. For to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace. For the mind that is set on the flesh is hostile to God, for it does not submit to God’s law; indeed, it cannot. Those who are in the flesh cannot please God.

Also pay attention to his statement extolling the fighting power of the Islamic Caliphate. “The question is not how the Islamic State is going to survive against the American airstrikes. How is America going to survive against the Islamic State’s defense and retaliation? This is the real question… I think it is already over for America.” Where have we heard sentiment like that before? …

Revelation 13:4, “And they worshiped the dragon [Satan], for he had given his authority to the beast, and they worshiped the beast, saying, ‘Who is like the beast, and who can fight against it?’

Daniel 11:39, “Thus he shall act against the strongest fortresses with a foreign god, which he shall acknowledge, and advance its glory; and he shall cause them to rule over many, and divide the land for gain.”

Flashback: Islamic State Rule: Land Gained By Taking Land From Christians

  1. Nooh
    10/14/2014 at 4:20 PM

    Why are the ISIS advancing day by day plus the air stikes? we have never seen them defeated. They are well trained eith war knowledge. sofisticated weapons. where do they get the modern weapons and training? can someone answer these questions


  2. 10/14/2014 at 4:52 PM

    Satan thinks slave. Why does ISIS want to work for Satan? God and Allah are not the same. Muslim, I am asking you. Which law is better? Allah’s law or God’s law?
    God says:1 Peter 2:12 And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.
    Allah says: Do not hanker for peace with the infidels; behead them when you catch them (47:4.
    God says: John 13:34:A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.
    Allah says :I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them, Qur’an 8:12.
    God says: Romans 13:10: Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.


  3. 10/15/2014 at 2:11 PM

    Why viewers still use to reasd news papers hen in this technological globe
    all is accessible on net?


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