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On The Move: Islamic State Seizes Iraq Base Near Baghdad, 180,000 Flee Cities Of Hit And Kubaisa

Who says that being pounded from the air isn’t having an effect? They’re all on the run …

Proverbs 1:16, 4:16-17, “For their feet run to evil and they hasten to shed blood… they cannot sleep unless they do evil; And they are robbed of sleep unless they make someone stumble. For they eat the bread of wickedness and drink the wine of violence.”

By Aziz Alwan, Bloomberg – “Islamic State came closer to gaining full control of Iraq’s Anbar province after it seized a military base to the west of Baghdad that had been one of the government’s few remaining outposts there.

Militants took the base, located near the town of Hit and a major highway from Baghdad to the Syrian border, after heavy fighting with soldiers, according to Ahmed al-Dulaimi, a Sunni tribal leader. Its capture increases the threat to Ramadi, Anbar’s capital, and to Iraq’s second-largest dam at Haditha.

The insurgent group has declared a caliphate that stretches across much of northern Syria and Iraq, prompting the U.S. to launch a bombing campaign backed by European and Arab allies to halt the advance. The group’s recent gains to the west of Baghdad have sparked concern it’s preparing to attack the capital.

Islamic State captured the Anbar towns of Hit and Kubaisa last week, and its fighters are battling Iraqi forces in Abu Ghraib, 18 miles (29 kilometers) from Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone that houses embassies and government offices.

The top U.S. military officer said yesterday that Islamic State is moving into areas populated by fellow Sunnis near the capital. ‘I have no doubt there will be days when they use indirect fire into Baghdad,’ Joint Chiefs Chairman General Martin Dempsey said in an interview with ABC’s ‘This Week.’ Indirect fire can refer to use of mortars or artillery.

Dempsey also said that the U.S. recently had to call in Apache attack helicopters to secure the Baghdad airport and prevent Iraqi forces from being overrun, without specifying when it happened. While an outright assault on the capital is unlikely, strikes from a distance could heighten the sense of insecurity there, he said.” Read more.

Islamic State Forces 180,000 To Flee In Iraq – “Fighting in Iraq’s western Anbar province has forced up to 180,000 people to flee since the city of Hit fell to Islamic State earlier this month, the United Nations said on Monday. Islamic State fighters extended that advance by overrunning a military base that the Iraqi army had abandoned 8 km (5 miles) west of Hit earlier on Monday, according to an army officer and members of a government-backed Sunni militia. Islamic State has been on the offensive in the desert province of Anbar, bordering Syria, in recent weeks, taking the town of Hit on Oct. 2 and nearby Kubaisa on Oct. 4. That has raised concerns in the West because it is close to Baghdad and demonstrates the group’s reach …” Read more.

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