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“Moderate” Muslim Becomes Devout Muslim, Suddenly Believes It Is “Good” To Kill Non-Muslims

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In other words, he began taking the teachings of the “kill-and-be-killed” Qur’an seriously. And, despite what the likes of John Kerry and David Cameron would have you believe, the Qur’an actually does have everything to do with Islam …

Qur’an Sura 2:174-176, “Surely those who conceal any part of the Book [the Qur’an] that Allah has revealed and take for it a small price, they eat nothing but fire into their bellies, and Allah will not speak to them on the day of resurrection, nor will He purify them, and they shall have a painful chastisement. These are they who buy error for the right direction and chastisement for forgiveness; how bold they are to encounter fire. This is because Allah has revealed the Book with the truth; and surely those who go against the Book are in a great opposition.

Qur’an Sura 4:89, “Have no unbelieving friends. Kill the unbelievers [non-Muslims] wherever you find them.”

By Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch – “Here yet again we see the direct connection: a secular Muslim becomes devout and then turns to violent jihad. Does this mean that every devout Muslim will become a violent jihadist? Of course not. But despite attempts to deny and obscure this, every violent jihadist is a devout Muslim. Bland assurances that jihad terror doesn’t have anything to do with Islam don’t do a thing to address or remedy this fact.

‘The boy from Kosovo who grew up to be a suicide bomber,’ by Linda Pressly, BBC, October 7, 2014 (thanks to Anne Crockett):

In Kosovo it used to be the case that families were culturally Muslim, but rarely devout believers. Recently though some young people have become radicalised. Up to 200 are thought to be fighting in Syria and Iraq causing heartbreak for those left behind.

“In these pictures of him as a little boy, his eyes are so innocent.”

Arieta is leafing through a pile of photos of her younger brother, Blerim Heta. She does this every day, and cries a little.

“My brother had a wonderful life. He had money. He didn’t have a Mercedes, he had an Opel, but we were a happy family. And I can’t understand why he did that.”

Blerim was 24 when he left Kosovo on 7 August 2013, without a word to his family. Two days later Arieta got a text – he said he was in Turkey. She didn’t worry, because after becoming a devout Muslim, he often travelled to hear different imams preach. Then she called his number and a message flashed up on her screen – “Welcome to Syria.”

When Arieta talked to Blerim on Skype, he denied he was in Syria – he insisted he was in Turkey, learning Arabic and looking for a wife who wore the hijab. Arieta wanted to believe him, but then her mother found a postcard Blerim had written and left in his bedroom.

“It was a goodbye postcard. He had written that he was on a journey and that he wouldn’t come back,” Arieta says.

Like many Kosovans, her family identifies culturally as Muslim, but was never religious. Then Blerim started going regularly to the mosque. He began travelling to Macedonia across the border, and to mosques in other Kosovan towns….

In his last three months in Kosovo, Blerim Heta changed. He grew a beard. He wore his trousers shorter, like some Muslim men in the Middle East. And he watched a lot of YouTube videos of imams preaching. Then he was gone.

‘He wore his trousers shorter, like some Muslim men in the Middle East.’ This is not confined to Muslim men in the Middle East. It is true of many devout Muslim men everywhere, because a hadith has Muhammad saying, ‘The part of an Izar which hangs below the ankles is in the Fire’ (Bukhari 7.72.678)

Eventually, on Skype, Blerim Heta confessed to Arieta that he was, indeed, in Syria.

He told me he’s fighting for his religion and that other people are bad. He said he wanted to die for Allah, and that it would be a great pleasure for him. I started to cry and scream and say to him what kind of religion do you have to kill people, to kill yourself? And he said if you speak to me like that, I will never call you again.”

‘I started to cry and scream and say to him what kind of religion do you have to kill people, to kill yourself?’ This kind: ‘Indeed, Allah has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties [in exchange] for that they will have Paradise. They fight in the cause of Allah, so they kill and are killed.’ (Qur’an 9:111)

Arieta did not tell the family that Blerim was in Syria – she did not want to alarm them, and part of her still believed he would come home….

The authorities think Read more…

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