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Children From West Africa With “Ebola-Like” Symptoms Hospitalized In Florida And Delaware

It may turn out to be nothing, but the fact that they’re from West Africa does raise eyebrows …

By David Mccormack, Mail Online – “A teenager from West Africa who became sick while visiting Florida caused Jackson Memorial Hospital to go on high alert on Sunday amid fears that they may have the deadly Ebola virus.

Officials said the patient took a taxi to Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach after he became sick with flu-like symptoms. Miami Beach Fire Rescue then transferred him to Jackson for further tests.

Although a firm diagnosis takes 48 hours, medical experts said the probability of Ebola in this particular case is extremely low.

Authorities were however taking no chances on Sunday and called in the hazardous materials team, reports the Miami Herald.

Several police cars and rescue vehicles ringed Holtz Children’s Hospital at Jackson and the unit was quarantined for two hours following the teenager’s transfer.

‘It’s important to point out that this patient did not meet the Centers for Disease Control case definition for Ebola, but the test is being conducted out of an abundance of caution, and health officials expect the test to rule out Ebola,’ said Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Sunday night.

‘Florida still does not have any confirmed cases of Ebola, and we hope we never do, but we are taking every preparedness step possible to keep our citizens and our visitors safe.’

Authorities haven’t disclosed the patient’s name or said which West African country he arrived from, or when.” Read more.

Child From Liberia Brought To Delaware Hospital For Possible Ebola – “Officials at Bayhealth Kent General Hospital in Delaware say a child was brought to their emergency department over the weekend because of possible symptoms of Ebola virus. Officials say the child, who is from Liberia, was brought in on Saturday and was given an assessment from the staff following the CDC guidelines for identifying suspected cases of Ebola. It was determined by the CDC the likelihood the child has Ebola was low, so the CDC decided not to test the child after they were notified. Officials say the child will continue to be observed in the hospital until it is determined they can be released.” Source – CBS Philly.

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