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Nigeria: Muslims Slaughter More Christians To Shouts Of “Allahu Akbar” … Again

Because they refuse to worship the great and powerful “Allah” and his messenger of making mistakes … 

Noah and all his family were saved from the flood:
Qur’an Sura 21:76, “And mention Noah, when he called to Allah before that time, so We responded to him and saved him and his family from the great flood.”

Noah’s son drowned:
Qur’an Sura 11:42-43, “And it sailed with them through waves like mountains, and Noah called to his son who was apart from them, ‘O my son, come aboard with us and be not with the disbelievers.’ But he said, ‘I will take refuge on a mountain to protect me from the water.’ … And the waves came between them, and he was among the drowned.”

Charred home of the slain Gideon Mutang Kidum. (Morning Star News)

Charred home of the slain Gideon Mutang Kidum. (Morning Star News)

Morning Star News – “Ethnic Fulani gunmen shouting the jihadist chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ attacked three villages in Nigeria’s Plateau state this month, burning down a church building and killing at least 10 Christians, sources said.

Heavily-armed Fulani Muslim extremists on Sept. 14 attacked the Bokkos area, shooting five members of the Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) in their homes in Mbar and burning down 15 houses and an Assemblies of God church building, said the Rev. Manasseh Duwong of the COCIN congregation in Mbar.

‘They were shouting, ‘Allahu Akbar [God is greater]’ and also saying, ‘We must wipe out these infidel Christians today,’’ Duwong told Morning Star News in Mbar.

Duwong identified those killed in Mbar as, ‘Gideon Mutang Kidum, Ladi Mafulul and two of her children, and a deaf woman by the name of Urawal.’ Another church member, identified only as Rabo, was killed in nearby Mandar, he added.

Also killed in Mbar was a driver passing through the town at the time of the attack, Duwong said. The assailants also burned his vehicle. His name was not immediately available, but Duwong and two other area pastors believe he also was a Christian.

The pastor told Morning Star News that Muslim Fulani gunmen also killed two members of his church in Mbar on Sept. 7, and two more Christians the next night.

In nearby Gong village, four houses were burned.

The Rev. Moses Kungyep, secretary of the area Regional Church Council, and the Rev. Sunday Gwom of the COCIN church in Matol, confirmed the attacks. They told Morning Star News that unless the Nigerian government is able to find ways of curtailing attacks by Muslim Fulani herdsmen, more Christian communities will be displaced.” Read more.

Flashback: Nigeria’s Christian President Warns That The Current Massacre Of Christians Means The End Times Is Upon Us – “In another deadly move portraying Nigeria’s Borno state as a killing field for Nigerian Christians, attackers have stormed a church service in Kiyak village in the outskirts of Chibok, killing another set of 15 worshippers. It was the second major killing of Christians in the Chibok area. Early in December, 10 Christians were also killed in the area… News of the killings emerged after President Goodluck Jonathan questioned whether deadly Islamist attacks on churches in his country and other violence worldwide could be signs of coming ‘end times’… The attack followed another gruesome killing Friday that saw attackers slit the throats of 15 Christians in a pre-dawn raid in Musari …” Read more.

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    Muslims are deceiving themselves into thinking their own works saves them.


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