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Religiously Sanctioned Nazism: Islamic State Officially Bans Christians From Schools

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There are so many parallels of 1938 all over again. Not that there are a huge number of Christians remaining, but why not make it official for any who do? Christians can’t buy. Christians can’t sell. In fact, it is forbidden for Christians to even own anything. So now, to sink its iron teeth further in the fruit of its labor, Christians are officially forbidden from attending schools. Considering the Islamic State’s new regressive 7th century standards, however, everyone would be much smarter staying home anyway …

Proverbs 4:19, “The way of the wicked is like darkness; they do not know what makes them stumble.”

di Arabian Sign Pointing Muslims To The Unholiest City On Earth

Sign In Saudi Arabia Pointing Muslims To The Unholiest City On Earth

AsiaNews – “For the first time in history, Iraqi Christians who always had a ‘high standard of education’ in the region, are being deprived of the right to study and cannot attend schools. This represents a further threat to the survival of the minority, not only in Iraq but throughout the Middle East, because there is not the risk that an entire generation ‘will not be educated’, which is a ‘very bad sign’.  The warning comes from Msgr. Shimoun Emil Nona, Chaldean Archbishop of Mosul, in the north, the second most important city in the country and first city to fall into the hands of the militia of the Islamic State.

Interviewed by AsiaNews, the prelate confirms that ‘currently children from many of the refugee families’ as well as ‘children who live in Christian areas’ cannot start the school year. ‘There are about 700 schools scattered between Erbil, Ankawa and Zakkho – he explains – but they are hosting displaced people and are full. In other non-Christian areas  the lessons have begun, but not here’. Moreover in the areas occupied by the Islamic Caliphate the curriculum has been changed to promote Islam and the Koran.

Msgr. Nona was the first to raise the alarm of the danger posed by the advance of the Islamists after the conquest of Mosul, where about 500 thousand people – Muslims and Christians – fled in early June to avoid being forced to convert to Islam.  It was also where the militants founded their caliphate and imposed sharia. In cities and in areas on the Nineveh plain that are under the control of the Islamic State schools have reopened. However, under the instruction of their leader the curriculum has changed to ban history, geography and literature; students must study Arabic and the Muslim religion and are forbidden to speak of the Republic of Iraq or Syria, only of the Caliphate.

An Mosul elementary school teacher of mathematics and Arabic states that ‘we are in 2014, but it seems have regressed 14 centuries.’ 95% of the 2,450 schools in the area – Mosul and Nineveh Plain – are in the hands of the Islamists, who have forbidden mixed classes and have closed the Faculty of Law, because ‘conventional law is no longer in force.’ Rigid rules, imposed by force, are increasingly arousing the impatience of the local population. If at first people saw them as liberators from a central government (under former Shiite Prime Minister al-Maliki) regarded as the oppressor, today 98% of the people – as reported by an academic in Mosul – ‘would like to see them gone as soon as possible’.

The archbishop of Mosul, who is also a refugee Ankawa, in Iraqi Kurdistan, cannot confirm this radical change of attitude towards the Islamic state and the distortion of the curriculum at the hands of the militia. He admits however, to ‘having heard similar rumors’, and there is a good chance that ‘they are true.’ There are still some Christians in the city, but ‘very few’ who live ‘isolated’ and ‘in danger’ because ‘anything could happen to them’.” Read more.

Flashback: Terrorism Expert: The Middle East Is Experiencing ‘A Christian Version Of The Holocaust And Nothing Less’ – “International media remain apathetic to Christian persecution in the Middle East. Speaking on ‘Breitbart News Saturday’ Dr. Sebastian Gorka addressed the subject after being asked by the host, Alex Marlow, why the press is not interested in the story. Before Gorka gave his answer he called the situation ‘a Christian version of the Holocaust and nothing less.’ Gorka then went on to say that the West has done much to stand up for Muslims in the past two decades. ‘Whether it was to save the Muslims in Bosnia or the Albanians, Kosovars, and Muslims in Serbia, it is now time for a humanitarian operation to save the remaining Christians in Iraq,’ he said. ‘It is time for the American people and our representatives to do something for our co-religionists remaining in the Middle East.’” Read more.

Flashback: The Rise Of Nazi Germany Bans Jewish Students From Attending German Schools – “During April 1933, very soon after the Enabling Act had been passed, Jewish teachers were dismissed from German schools and universities. During the same year the proportion of Jewish students at universities was decreased to less than 1 per cent, to correspond to the proportion of Jews in Germany. However, although in some areas many Jewish children were removed from schools, it was not until 1938 that all Jewish children were finally banned from attending German schools. Discrimination and isolation within education, as in all other areas of society, was gradual. In Germany education was a major tool by which the Nazis’ racial policies were promoted and implemented.” Read more.


Islamic Scholar: Barack Obama Is Dead Wrong About Islamic State, “They Are True Muslims”

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Qur’an Sura 4:95, “Not equal are those believers [Muslims] who sit (at home) and receive no hurt, and those who strive and fight in the cause of Allah with their goods and their persons. Allah hath granted a grade higher to those who strive and fight with their goods and persons than to those who sit (at home) …”

According to Sura 4:95, Muslims who do not fight are inferior to Muslims who do. To fight “with their goods and their persons” is violent, physical warfare, evidenced by the fact that those who fight with their goods and their persons “slay and are slain” (Sura 9:111). According to Qur’an Sura 61:10-12, which was given in battle, “Allah” will forgive the sins of those who fight with their goods and persons. Forgive them how? “The sword is the key of heaven and hell; a drop of blood shed in the cause of Allah, a night spent in arms, is of more avail than two months of fasting or prayer: whosoever falls in battle, his sins are forgiven” (The “Prophet” Mohammed). According to Islam, the Islamic State is therefore not violating its teachings. It is putting them into practice. And the only way for the Islamic State to truly have nothing to do with Islam as Obama suggests is, ironically enough, if the Islamic State were to suddenly stop murdering, raping and pillaging for the cause of “Allah” and his idolatrous “prophet.” And that is something that will never happen …

Revelation 9:21, “And they did not repent of their murders or their sorceries [“φαρμακεία” – idolatry] or their sexual immorality or their thefts.”

By Paul Sperry, Investor’s Business Daily – “President Obama’s notion that the Islamic State is ‘not Islamic’ and that ‘no religion condones killing’ doesn’t square with the army of Muslims that the terror group is attracting. The CIA figures as many as 31,500 Muslims have joined IS.

It’s hard to believe there’s more than 30,000 serial killers in the world, including at least 2,000 in the West, and they’re all suddenly flocking together in search of victims. In the entire U.S., there are at most 50 active serial murderers by FBI estimates.

Clearly, something else is motivating all these Muslims, yet Obama insists it’s not their faith.

‘He is wrong,’ said Islamic scholar Dr. Muhammad Zareef.

‘They are true Muslims fighting in the cause of Allah,’ he added in an interview. ‘The Quran makes it very clear that a good and faithful Muslim has every reason to kill non-Muslims. ISIS and other groups like them take these verses into their hearts.’

The forbidden truth is, the Islam that IS practices is firmly rooted in Islamic scripture and sanctioned by Islam’s most influential scholars, says Zareef, who studied Islamic law for eight years after growing up in a devout Muslim home in the Mideast. Now living in the U.S., he became a reformer after 9/11.

‘One of the things that disturbed me most was the Quran made it very clear the only assurance of going to heaven is if a Muslim kills an infidel (unbeliever) in jihad or dies in jihad,’ he said, citing Surahs 2:190-193; 5:33-34; 8:39-41; 9:20; 9:29; 9:111; 9:123; 22:58-59; and 47:1-4, among other verses.

‘Muslims are instructed to use warfare to defend and promote Islam,’ explained Zareef, author of ‘Allah’s Plan for Muslims.’ ‘All unbelievers are regarded as being at war with Allah and his religion; therefore, they deserve to die. Muslims have permission to kill all who don’t believe in Allah.’

Jihadists, he says, are following the example of the Muslim prophet set forth in Al-Bukhari book 52 of the Hadith, a sacred text supplementing the Quran. They ‘are trying to honor Prophet Muhammad’s speech and the Quran verses by killing non-Muslims,’ he said. ‘And if I, as an ordinary Muslim, say anything against such violence, they will treat me the same way as they do non-Muslims.’

Zareef says the Quran ‘encourages terrorism’ against infidels, citing Surah 2:216, 243-244; 3:157-158; 4:74; 8:12; 9:5; and 47:4-6, while repeatedly directing jihadists to ‘smite at their necks.'” Read more.

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