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Poll: 95% Of BBC Viewers Think Multiculturalism Has Failed

That’s because it has. (And I’d venture to guess that the other 5% of respondents were largely comprised of Muslim immigrants and their brainwashed leftist enablers). As evidenced in the article below, many view “multiculturalism” solely through a racial lens when, I believe, race isn’t the issue. All races are, and should be, embraced. Instead of casting a wide, indiscriminate blanket acceptance of all cultures, however, Western nations need to rewrite immigration policies that, while embracing all races, will only permit immigrants who share the same Judeo-Christian values — or at least whose own cultural values respects life and freedom — instead of openly welcoming those whose own cultural “values” demand nothing more than the destruction of our own. In other words, accept all immigrants as long as they are not Islamic. Because Islamic culture is the reason why “multiculturalism” has failed …

Al Rod Al Anf, Volume 2, Page 182: “You see [our god Allah] will soon make you inherit their land, their treasures and make you sleep with their women.” – The “prophet” Mohammed

By Donna Rachel Edmunds, Breitbart – “Obama Allows 80,000 Muslim Immigrants Into The United StatesA whopping 95 percent of respondents to a BBC straw poll have said that they think multiculturalism in Britain is a failure. The poll was taken yesterday morning during the BBC’s Saturday Morning Live show, and asked ‘Is multiculturalism working?’ Just 5 percent said ‘Yes’; 95 percent said ‘No’.

Breitbart London’s James Delingpole was a guest on the show. During the discussion of the results, he said: ‘I think the thwacking great majority in that poll says it all. The multicultural experiment in Britain has failed totally and people have finally realised how much it has failed. Rotherham was just one example; we’re seeing cases all around the country. It has been a disaster. I think that this is going to be the turning point.”

Also on the show was the left-wing journalist Owen Jones, who extolled the virtues of interracial sex and claimed: ‘fortunately the actually scientific polling suggests that’s quite a pessimistic answer. Yes there are always tensions which we need to work on. We need to bring our communities together. But Britain has one of the highest levels of interracial relationships in the whole world.

We need to break down segregation like faith schools. We concentrate poor people in particular areas because of the lack of social housing, and that disproportionately affects people from black and minority ethnic communities.

’Let’s promote communities which are mixed and live together, and let’s take on the obstacles and concerns that people have.’

However, growing evidence suggests that multiculturalism itself is responsible for increasing segregation in Britain. Last year the Daily Mail reported on the phenomenon of ‘White flight’ – that is, white British people moving out of London in vast numbers. Between 2001 and 2011 some 620,000 white British people left London, tipping the ethnic makeup of London into majority non-British heritage.

Analysis of the 2011 census figures showed that 45 percent of ethnic minority Britons live in areas where white Britons make up less than half of the population.” Read more.

Hadith, Saheeh Muslim 2889, “Verily Allah has shown me the eastern and western part of the earth, and I saw the authority of my Ummah (Islamic nation) dominate all that I saw.”

Flashback: Multiculturalism’s Multiple Failures

  1. 09/01/2014 at 4:55 PM

    One thing is certain, parliament won’t like this titbit at all.
    Look for rebuttals in the coming weeks from all sides of the political spectrum.
    After all we are coming into an election year and the “ethnic ” vote will be important to a few of the idiot politicians if only to keep them in a job..


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