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UK Terror Threat Level Raised To Severe, Jihadist Attack Now “Highly Likely”

Because Muslim terrorists, who have nothing to do with Islam, are threatening to attack Britain for the glory of “Allah” and his religion …

Qur’an Sura 8:59a, “The infidels should not think that they can get away from us. Prepare against them whatever arms and weaponry you can muster so that you may terrorize them …”

UK Prime Minister David Cameron

UK Prime Minister David Cameron

By Nicholas Cecil, London Evening Standard – “Britain’s terror threat level was dramatically raised to severe today amid fears that UK jihadists returning from Iraq and Syria could launch attacks.

The severe warning means an attack is ‘highly likely’, rather than the earlier assessment of substantial where a terror strike is ‘a strong possibility’. Home Secretary Theresa May stressed there was no intelligence to suggest an imminent attack.

After the decision by Britain’s Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre, she added: ‘The increase in the threat level is related to developments in Syria and Iraq, where terrorist groups are planning attacks against the West.

‘Some of those plots are likely to involve foreign fighters who have travelled there from the UK and Europe to take part in those conflicts. We face a real and serious threat in the UK from international terrorism. I urge the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the police.’

Scotland Yard Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe warned days ago that close to 200 potentially ‘militarised’ fighters are back in London. He also proposed UK jihadists have their passports revoked to stop them returning here.

Islamic State have slaughtered thousands as they seized control of swathes of Syria and Iraq. They also beheaded US journalist James Foley, 40, in revenge for US air strikes in Iraq to stop the killings. Mr Foley and other hostages were guarded by a group of British jihadists, known as ‘The Beatles’, with one — ‘John’— featuring in the video of his killing.” Source – London Evening Standard.

U.S. Officials Say ‘Significant Increase’ In Jihadi Chatter Ahead Of 9/11 Anniversary – “U.S. intelligence has picked up increased chatter among Islamist terror networks approaching the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and amid the continuing battle for supremacy between Al Qaeda and the Islamic State, current and former U.S. officials told TheBlaze. ‘We’ve noticed a significant increase in chatter among Islamic terrorist organizations overseas both on the Internet and phone lines,’ said a U.S. government official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the matter. ‘This is certainly concerning’ … Adding to the concern, however, is Al Qaeda’s competition for dominance over the Islamic State, after the two terror groups had a falling out of sorts earlier this year. ‘Core’ Al Qaeda is led by Ayman al-Zawahri, who is fighting to maintain leadership with Muslim followers from his base in Pakistan.” Read more.

  1. 08/29/2014 at 1:03 PM

    Nothing would surprise me at this point. The US has unguarded Southern border, and has allowed Muslims to immigrate enmasse. Along with the UK, we have sown the wind and are reaping the whirlwind.


  2. 08/29/2014 at 2:01 PM

    Cameron is SUCH A HYPOCRITE!! He has been aiding and abetting the undermining of the safety of British citizens for years now. How are the ISIS terrorists any different than the scum that beheaded Lee Rigby, or the subway bombers?? What have non-muslim British children ever done to deserve being victimized by filthy muslim rape grooming gangs in Britain. (More importantly, what has the British government ever done to STOP these atrocities by what they euphemistically refer to as “Asians”???)

    Hundreds, possibly thousands of dangerous, battle-hardened muslim/islamic terrorists move freely in and out of Britain on a daily basis, and it is JUST NOW (?) that Cameron sees that there might be a problem here???

    Now that this situation is about to blow up in the face of Britishers (possibly quite literally), Cameron and his muslim appeasing/apologist, dhimmi, politically correct libtards realize that it is politically expedient to BE SEEN to be taking definitive steps to combat these domestically spawned terrorists. Really, the man’s ignorance is exceeded only by his arrogance. Too little and probably too late………….

    The British people deserve another leader like Churchill who had the intelligence to observe: “Islam in a man is as dangerous as rabies in a dog.”


  3. 09/10/2014 at 10:14 AM

    AL-QAIDA, ISIS, AL-NUSRA, HAMAS, MOSLIM BROEDERS, MILLI GORUS verbonden imams hebben moslimjongeren in Nederland aangespoord jong te trouwen. Volgens hen is voor meisjes de ideale leeftijd 12 tot 18 jaar.

    Door de NL regeringen betaalde imams beschouwen Nederlandse vrouwen als hun eigendom. Die vrouwen hebben juridisch de status van oorlogsbuit en worden als zodanig behandeld. De hele wereld en alles dat zich daarop bevindt is immers door Allah alleen gecreëerd voor zijn gehoorzame volgelingen, de moslims.

    Profeet Mohammed consumeerde zijn kindvrouw Aïsja toen ze 9 jaar oud was en hijzelf al boven de 57, als voorbeeld voor zijn volgelingen die jihad machine tot stand moesten houden!! in landen o.a. katar, Marokko, Jemen en Saudi-Arabië, Pakistan, Afghanistan enz, trouwen moslimmannen in navolging van Mohammed nog steeds met meisjes onder de 10 jaar. Volgens Timmermans, zijn deze landen de beste vrienden van Nederland!

    Gedwongen huwelijken en creatie van een grote jihadistische volk in Nederland gaat gewoon door. Meer dan 90% van de moslims zijn uitgehuwelijkt, geboren puber meisjes zijn makkelijke prooien voor jihadisten, denk maar eens aan de lover boys, het meisjes zijn helemaal onder invloed en kan zelf niet meer nadenken.

    Hoge uitkeringen aan haat zaaiende imams, de subsidiestromen naar moslim clubjes, zelfs in Marokko wonende moslims veroorzaken een bredere jihadistische voedingsbodem, een grote gevaar voor Nederland. Voedingsbodem voor jihad wordt dus praktisch door de Nederlandse overheid gerealiseerd met behoud NL paspoorten, toeslagen, oneindige uitkeringen, kinderbijslagen, zelfs export uitkeringen naar marokko en Turkije.. etc etc etc. Corrupte politiek financiert islamitische heilige oorlog tegen Nederland. Dit is een heilige staatsdoctrine van Nederland geworden. Met deze regering zijn de IS gangers dadelijk ook nog slachtoffer en krijgen ze nog meer geld en zorg toe.

    Richting Nederland nog meer moslimmigratie en de opkomst van de islam wordt ook door de Rutte kabinet gesteund. Met als gevolg: 100 000 den nieuwe importbruiden, die kinderen niet kunnen opvoeden en per direct aan de jihadisten achterlaten. De aankomende jaren komen er dus massaal nieuwe jihadisten bij.


  4. 10/12/2014 at 1:18 PM

    send Cameron over to fight isis on the ground ….
    for Actually aiding and abetting ”the foreign govt of islam” , it members, islamists..
    , To commit Harm to Brits…

    The job of Patriotism to Great Britain has many openings
    fill them Brits … this time has come, this time Is here



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