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Nigeria: Nearly 1,000 Massacred After Muslims Attack Christian Village, “They Are Following The Strategy Of ISIS”

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Here is a devastating update on this story from August 8th. If the body count in the Christian village of Gwoza is any indication, Islamic terrorist organization Boko Haram — which has for all intents and purposes pledged allegiance to the ISIS Caliphate — is no longer limiting itself to attack, slaughter then flee. They are now beginning to adopt the same ferocious ISIS strategy of attack, occupy, and slaughter, slaughter, slaughter. And if the modus operandi of ISIS is any indication, the Islamist killings will not stop with Gwoza. They will only stop when Christ puts an end to these Islamist killers Himself, forever …

Revelation 6:8, “And I looked, and behold a [chlōros – green] horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts [thērion – savage, brutal, bestial men] of the earth…”

Leader of Boko Haram: “I swear by Allah’s holy name that I will slaughter you. I will not be happy if I don’t personally put my knife on your necks and slit your throats. Yes! I’ll slaughter you! I’ll slaughter you! And I’ll slaughter you again and again… I call on all my followers and brethren wherever you are, to rise and take up arms and start killing the vagabond. Kill them, kill them and kill them… By Allah, I will kill you. Killing is my job. Let’s kill them all … May Allah curse you!”

Town Hall – “The death toll from Boko Haram’s takeover of the predominantly Christian town of Gwoza is nearly 1,000, not the 100 included in many reports, Nigerian relations expert Adeniyi Ojutiku told Baptist Press. The Nigerian military abandoned their weapons and fled Gwoza as Boko Haram attacked Wednesday (Aug. 6), burning government buildings, killing residents and taking hostages. Some residents managed to flee to the mountains bordering Cameroon and are without food or water; others made it 85 miles north to Maiduguri, Associated French Press (AFP) and others reported.

News surfaced just today (Aug. 15) of a separate Aug. 10 attack on the remote village of Doron Baga in northeastern Nigeria, where Boko Haram kidnapped dozens of boys and men, leaving women, girls and young children abandoned there.

Boko Haram has escalated its attacks to a new level, capturing towns and hoisting Boko Haram flags instead of killing residents and fleeing, Ojutiku said. He compared them to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). As such, a concerted global effort is needed to conquer the rebels, he said.

Weeks before taking over Gwoza, Boko Haram violently seized Damboa and killed many in the town 22 miles north of Chibok, the site of the April kidnapping of 300 school girls, approximately 223 of which remain missing. Reports number those displaced at more than 15,000, but the number of deaths had not been reported.

‘This is a new dimension in this crisis,’ Ojutiku said. ‘A completely new dimension. Now they are following the strategy of ISIS. They attack, they occupy, they hold the town. Now that they have started adopting ISIS methodology, they should be receiving the type of treatment that ISIS is receiving.’

Based on a report Ojutiku received Wednesday, Aug. 13, from a trusted colleague who lives in Gwoza, 997 had been killed and others had been taken hostage. Previous reports were based on information gathered Aug. 6, the day of the attack, when survivors were forced to flee the city of between 50,000 and 70,000 people.

‘The terrorists seized a number of residents as hostages and killed nine hundred and ninety seven an eye witness whose mother among the women that are burying the … bodies confirmed,’ the colleague reported to Ojutiku. ‘The insurgents took over the Emirs (mayor’s) Palace as well as a Government Lodge in Gwoza, and have appointed a replacement for the town’s fleeing Emir. They have hoisted their black flags with Arabic insignia all over Gwoza in a show of their total control of the territory.’

A predawn, Aug. 13 phone call Ojutiku received from Nigeria marked ‘an unprecedented emergency request for prayers for the inhabitants of the Christian village of Gwoza,’ he told Baptist Press.” Read more.

“We Have A Duty To Defend Them”: Al Qaeda Rallies Support For ISIS, Calls Upon Muslims Everywhere To Kill As Many Americans As Possible

08/16/2014 4 comments

ISIS. Al Qaeda. Boko Haram. Hamas. You name it. When it comes to “defending” like-minded serial killers, they don’t fight on behalf of their Muslim brothers because they all love each other. They fight on behalf of their Muslim brothers because they all love death …

Proverbs 8:35-36, “For whoever finds Me finds life, And obtains favor from the LORD … All those who hate Me love death.”

By Anthony Kimery, HS Today – “Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) expressed solidarity with jihadists in Iraq — pledging to kill as many Americans as possible — and called on all Islamic jihadist organizations and Muslims everywhere to do the same, especially in the United States.

In an August 14 communiqué, AQAP said the US is leading a war against Muslims and that Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Al Zawahiri ‘always advised to crush the head of the American serpent, in order to make it easier to eliminate its agents, the leaders of the Muslim countries.’

In its message, AQAP assured jihadists fighting with the Islamic State in Iraq that experience teaches that airstrikes ‘cannot defeat those who place their trust in Allah,’ and that jihad continues from generation to generation.

‘It should be noted that this communiqué, like the August 12, video by AQAP’s mufti, Sheikh Ibrahim Al Rubaish, indicates AQAP support for the IS (though this organization is not mentioned by name),’ said the Middle East Media Research Institute which monitors jihadist websites. ‘At the same time, here too the organization is careful to maintain a balance between the IS and Al Qaeda by mentioning Al Qaeda leaders bin Laden and Al Zawahiri as sources of authority and guiding lights.’

The following are excerpts from the communiqué, posted on the jihadi website

‘The Muslim ummah is currently suffering a series of grave events. It is facing difficult challenges and [dangerous] conspiracies… The war of the infidel nations against Islam is constant … At the present time, the leader of [this] war is the US, who has borne the banner and raised the Cross and has done everything in its power to weaken Islam and humiliate the Muslims. It is putting everything it has into this war and spilling the blood of Muslims.

‘The [US’s] latest action was to launch drones against our Muslim brethren in Iraq, with groundless and stupid excuses. We ask: Why didn’t the US try to save hundreds of thousands of Sunnis when Al-Maliki hurled barrel bombs into Falluja, Diyala and Mosul? Where were Obama’s human feelings and moral considerations when Al-Maliki’s Shi’ite government committed aggression against [Iraq’s] Sunnis, spilled their blood and harmed their honor for all to see? It’s no surprise [that the US did not intervene to help them]. The Muslims have not forgotten and will not soon forget the crimes that the US and its army committed in Iraq at the time of the [US] occupation … It is the policy of the lying and hypocritical US-led West to protect infidel sects against the Muslims and to apply a double standard vis-a-vis the nations. The Jews’ aggression against Gaza [is considered] self-defense, [but] the mujahideen’s advance in Iraq is a dangerous attack on the rights of minorities; jihad against the US and its allies in the West and East is terrorism and violence, whereas infidels attacking, persecuting and killing Muslims is noble and honorable [activity] that enjoys international support and assistance.

‘Obama’s declaration of war on the Muslims in Iraq, and his subsequent airstrikes on the mujahideen, prove that the Zionist-Crusader enemy is still the most dangerous enemy of the Muslim ummah. [This enemy] sometimes goes into hiding, but when its agents [in the region] are too defeated or weak to do its bidding according to its will, it is compelled to act in the open in order to protect its interests, which [involve] robbing the Muslim peoples … That is why Sheikh Osama [bin Laden] and after him [Ayman] Al-Zawahiri always advised to crush the head of the American serpent, in order to make it easier to eliminate its agents, the leaders of the Muslim countries.

‘Hence, we declare our solidarity with our Muslim brethren in Iraq in [their struggle against] this Crusade. Their blood is our blood, their wound is in our hearts, and we have a duty to defend them. With Allah’s help, we will employ every means to cause the US as many casualties as possible, as part of jihad for the sake of Allah and in order to realize what our Sheikh Osama [bin Laden] vowed [to achieve].'” Read more.


Canadian Muslim Fighting For ISIS Dies In Iraq: “I Have Sold My Soul For The Sake Of Allah”

08/16/2014 2 comments

In other words, he sold his soul to the devil. Because when it comes to “Allah” and the Father of Lies, there is no difference …

Qur’an Sura 24:35, “Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth… Allah doth guide whom He will to His light…”

2 Corinthians 11:14-15, “… for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve.”

Revelation 12:9, “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth …”

Qur’an Sura 3:54, “… Allah is the best of the deceivers.”

Revelation 13:4, “And they worshiped the dragon [Satan], for he had given his authority to the beast, and they worshiped the beast, saying, ‘Who is like the beast, and who can fight against it?’”

Lost Soul: Separated From God Forever

Lost Soul: Separated From God Forever

By Bill Kaufmann, – “Multiple reports state a Calgarian who volunteered to fight with the extremist Islamic army ISIS has been killed in Iraq.

Farah Mohamed Shirdon, who comes from a prominent Calgary Somali family, has been reported dead on various social media sites, though no cause of his death have been given.

If true, Shirdon would be the third Calgarian known to have been killed in recent months while serving with Jihadist forces in Syria and Iraq.

Canadian foreign affairs officials say they’re checking the reports of the death of Shirdon, a man in his early 20s who’d taken the name Shaheed while fighting in both Syria and Iraq.

On a Twitter feed attributed to him, Shirdon wrote on June 23: ‘Martyrdom is what I seek’ and on July 10, he posted an entry directed at his ‘dear mother.’

‘I have sold my soul for the sake of Allah. We may never meet again in this life but Allah willing, Allah will reunite us in (heaven).’

Other posts describe the fighting during the ISIS advance throughout the region.

Last April, Shirdon was seen in an ISIS video burning his Canadian passport with comrades armed with AK-47 assault rifles, while shouting threats against Canada and the West.

‘We are coming and will destroy you… this is a message for Canada and for all America,’ he said to the camera.” Source –

Revelation 20:10, “The devil, who deceived them, was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are. And they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.”

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