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Of Toddlers And Terrorists: 3-Year-Old ISIS Boy Tells Muslims To Fight, “[Non-Muslims] Are Going To Be Butchered”

In the “Islamic State” Muslim children who love death are being told that they must seek it. Non-Muslim children who love life, however, are being told to convert to Islam, or they can look forward to being killed. Death, it seems, is the only prospect for both Muslims and non-Muslims alike in a pure and glorious Islamic State. Where would Islam be without it? …

Revelation 6:8a, “And I looked, and behold a [χλωρός – “green”] horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him …”

“The entire Earth belongs to Allah. Islam elevates the Muslims and humiliates the infidels… Whoever says that Jesus is God is also an infidel… Anyone who does not believe in Islam is an infidel [that must be slaughtered].” – Islamist Teacher in Syria Teaching Children

Three-Year-Old Child:

Three-Year-Old Child: “Kuffar? I tell them they are going to be butchered.”

Channel 4 News – “…On the one hand the militant group is keen for Sunni Muslims across the world to think of the caliphate as a safe and fun place for children – so that they will move there.

On the other, videos also exist of children being trained with assault weapons and in hand-to-hand combat. Or of children declaring their hatred for America and vowing jihad.

These two conditions for children are not mutually exclusive in the eyes of Islamic State, argues Raffaello Pantucci, a Middle East expert at the Royal United Services Institute.

‘These identities are one and the same,’ he told Channel 4 News. ‘The vision is of a perfect utopian state.

‘This group of guys who carved out the state are there with woman and children. That is what they are about.’

He said examples of this fusion of ideas can also be seen in videos by Uzbek and Uighur militant groups in Waziristan.

In one video of a three-year-old boy, posted to social media sites in January 2014, loyalty to Islamic State is evident. At the start of the video he is seen firing a rifle…

The child, who looks awkwardly off camera and chews on his finger, is asked what his name is. ‘Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’ he responds – a reference to the Islamic State leader, presumably his idol.

‘Are you al Nusra, FSA or (Islamic) State?’, the man off camera asks – referring to groups of rebels in Syria. ‘State’, the boy responds, as he looks at his feet.

‘What would you say to Muslims?’ he is asked. ‘I want to tell Muslims to fight’, he responds.

And finally, ‘what would you say to kuffar (non-believers)?’

‘Kuffar? I tell them they are going to be butchered.’

The video is one of many that might shock global audiences.” Read more.

Flashback: Muslim Cleric Praises Boston Bombers As Models For Children, Says Islam Needs Children Who Will Be Slaughterers – “In a recent article published in Issue 13 of Turkestan Al-Islamiyya, the Turkestan Islamic Party’s journal, an Al-Qaeda Abu Dhar Al Burmicleric praised the Boston Marathon bombing’s Tsarnaev brothers… ‘If we neglect the jihadi, ideological and spiritual upbringing of the new youngsters and the new generation, history will not forgive us, and the disgrace of this treason will not be erased from our foreheads. The ummah is in dire need of children [who will be] slaughterers and fighters of the infidels and the devils – children who will be ascetics by night and knights by day, children who will fight the infidels and the leaders of polytheism…'” Read more.

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