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Pro-ISIS Demonstrators Call For “Death To Jews” Throughout The Netherlands

According to the Qur’an, Jews are “the most intense of the people in animosity toward” Muslims (Sura 5:82). We see Muslims mass demonstrating all across the world spewing hatred and inciting violence against Jews. But if the Qur’an is true, then why is that we, inexplicably, never see any Jews mass demonstrating all over the world spewing hatred and inciting violence against Muslims? (Hint: The Qur’an lies) …

By Damien Sharkov, Newsweek – “Jewish human rights group the Simon Wiesenthal Center has expressed its shock that protests in support of Islamic terrorist group ISIS have gone undeterred by Dutch authorities in the Hague. Two public rallies, expressing support for ISIS have been held this month, with chants advocating the murder of ‘dirty Jews from the sewers’ heard at both.

The first protest inciting violence towards Jews was held on July 4, while a second went ahead last week, on July 24, Dutch newspaper NL Times reports.

Doctor Shimon Samuels of the Simon Wiesenthal Center addressed a passionate letter to the Dutch prime minister in response to the protests, asking him to rescind approval should a third demonstration of this kind be organised.

‘Yesterday, the call in Arabic and Dutch was for ‘dirty Jews from the sewers to be killed,’’ Samuels told Jewish paper the Algemeiner, a day after the second protest.

‘This rally had little to do with Gaza solidarity. It was unambiguously targeted against Jews, but also according to the Dutch press sought to lynch journalists, who were pulled to safety by the police, otherwise serving as silent spectators.’

Doctor Samuels had initially pleaded to the Mayor of the Hague, Mayor Jozias van Aartsen, to undertake preventative measures to stifle the protest to no success.

‘The Dutch people today, sadly, face two forms of terrorism’, the letter reads. ‘The first from those who brought down the Malaysian aircraft over Ukraine. The second from the potential danger at home from ISIS,’ Samuels wrote.

‘Mr. Mayor, you can stop the second, if you wish. If you do not, you will share responsibility for the consequence.'” Read more.

  1. Anonymous
    07/30/2014 at 3:46 PM

    well look like any country that the muslims have invaded, the muslims are shouting kill the Jews.


  2. Proud Infidel
    07/30/2014 at 3:58 PM

    Two main reasons you don’t see the Jewish folks rioting in the streets of European and North American cities and chanting death threats: 1) They are a much more peaceful, intelligent and classy people than the pro-palestinian, pro-hamas morons. and 2) Unlike the pro-Palestinians and their apologist “libtard” supporters, most of the pro-Israeli folks ACTUALLY HAVE JOBS that they need to be at………………………


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