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New York City: Peaceful Pro-Israel Rally Threatened To Be Served “With Suicide Bombers”

Suicide Bad. Martyrdom Good.

Suicide Suppressed. Murder-Suicide Blessed.

“I will serve you with suicide bombers.” And, no, that’s not some twisted name of a new halal drink at the local Bazaar. According to Mohammed’s “Religion of Peace” the suicide of a Muslim is something to jeer. But to take a non-Muslim with you in a murder-suicide is, without question, something to cheer. For peaceful purposes …

Qur’an Sura 4:74, “Let those fight in the way of Allah who sell the life of this world for the other. Whoso fighteth in the way of Allah, be he slain or be he victorious, on him We shall bestow a vast reward.”

By Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch – “The contrast is stark — as stark as the contrast between the civilized man and the savage. Ten thousand supporters of Israel staged a peaceful rally in support of the Jewish state yesterday in New York City, with none of the violence and threats that have marked pro-‘Palestinian’ demonstrations all over the world. And predictably, this pro-Israel rally was itself threatened, as you can see above. But the lovers of freedom were not intimidated.

Here is video of Pamela Geller addressing the rally:

Source – Jihad Watch.

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  1. 07/24/2014 at 8:51 AM

    Soooo…at what point do these leaflets become “An act of Terrorism” or any other such criminal activity?

    Oh “My BAD!” This is from “Islam” the Cult of Peace and is beyond criticism…huh!

    (Yeah, I know, I repeated myself)


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