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Turkish Pop Singer Writes Anti-Semitic Tweets Over Gaza, Praises Hitler

If he wasn’t already, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan probably just became an instant fan. In today’s increasingly hostile Muslim world, such hateful rhetoric will likely spur a boost in album sales …

“God bless Hitler!”

The Times of Israel – “A popular Turkish female pop singer was under pressure Friday to make a public apology after she posted a succession of anti-Semitic tweets over Israel’s deadly air campaign in Gaza

Yildiz Tilbe, who has been making folk-influenced hit albums since the 1990s, appeared to praise Hitler in the tweets and say the end of the Jews was near.

‘If God allows, it will be again Muslims who will bring the end of those Jews, it is near, near,’ she tweeted on her official account @YildizzTilbee.

‘They (Jews) are hostile to Allah and all prophets including their own prophet Moses.’

In another tweet she appeared to praise Hitler for the mass extermination of Jews in the Holocaust, writing ‘May God bless Hitler.’

The Jewish Community of Turkey condemned the singer’s tweets as ‘racist and inciting hatred,’ calling on judicial authorities to ‘immediately start necessary legal procedures’ under the country’s penal code.” Read more.

Flashback: Turkey: PM Erdogan Insults Blacks As State Media Continues Anti-Semitic Campaign – “Not sated by his anti-Semitism, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has tried his hand at another form of blatant racism. In comments made about Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, the leader of the center-left and secular Republican Peoples Party (CHP), Erdoğan declared, ‘Kılıçdaroğlu is striving every bit he can to raise himself from the level of a black person to the level of a white man.’ The comments were made during a weekly meeting of his Justice and Development Party (AKP).” Read more.

Flashback: Again: Turkish Students Arrested For Nazi Salutes At Auschwitz – “Two Turkish tourists could face up to two years in prison for giving Nazi salutes outside the site of the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp in Poland. The Turkish nationals – who according to Turkey’s Zaman news site are a man and woman, both aged 22 – are apparently studying history at Budapest university in neighboring Hungary. They reportedly took pictures of each other making the offensive gestures underneath the infamous ‘Arbeit macht frei’ (‘Work makes you free’) sign, which stands at the entrance to the former death camp. The sign was one of the first – and for many, the last – things which the camp’s estimated 1.1 million victims, approximately 90% of whom were Jewish …” Read more.

Muslim Sheik: Allah Used The Nazis To Punish The Jews, Now It’s Our Turn

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