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Sudanese Cleric: Attack US Embassies, Tourist Resorts, Planes, Restaurants And Schools To Defend ISIS, “The Nucleus Of The Righteous Caliphate”

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For peaceful purposes …

Hadith, Saheeh Muslim 2889, “Verily Allah has shown me the eastern and western part of the earth, and I saw the authority of my Ummah (Islamic nation) dominate all that I saw.”

Sudanese Cleric Muhammad Al-Jazouli, 6/13/2014: “Oh Americans, if your armed forces land in Iraq once again, this will mean a new phase in targeting you – your tourist resorts, your embassies in our Arab capitals, your diplomatic delegations, your universities and schools, your coffee shops and restaurants, your airplanes and ships, your shops and companies. Oh Americans, give the White House idiot a smack on the hand, so that he will not lead you once again into attrition, which will cause further deterioration and collapse of your economy… Following these victories, I would like to address two kinds of youths. First, let me address the youths who sit on the sidelines, as reserves. They have not entered the fray. They warm up on the sidelines. Reserves. I say to them: Enter the fray and join the game. If a single American plane flies over Iraq in order to strike at ISIS, it will be one of our most obligatory religious duties to support the nucleus of the righteous caliphate by turning all the American embassies and interests into legitimate targets. Play a role in defending the nucleus of the Caliphate!” Watch video below.

Revelation 13: A Commentary – “A revived Caliphate, in whatever form it ultimately takes, will be in power for at least 3.5 ‘prophetic years’ or 1260 days, or 42 months. At this time I consider these periods to be actual time frames for this eschatonic Beast, which will reiterate what Islam already proclaims today — that Jesus is not the Son of God, that Jesus is not the Savior and that Christians are committing a great and unforgivable sin by associating Jesus with God and worshiping Him. If the Caliphate is headed by a Caliph — one single individual who is deemed by the Muslim world to be the spiritual leader of Islam — it is possible that this could in fact be the Mahdi, whom the Islamic world believes to be the Savior, not only for Muslims, but for all of humanity …” Read more.


Muslim Columnist: “The World Is Ablaze In An Orgy Of Jihadi Terror And War”

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“[W]hile much of the Islamic community is in a state of denial, blinded to the atrocities being committed by their co-religionists across the globe, the rest of the world watches in shock.” It isn’t just the Islamic community that chooses to conveniently ignore an inconvenient reality. Many churches in the West do it, too. But it’s only a matter of time before even the ostrich feels the pain of the predator’s bite …

Hadith, Sahih Muslim 1:33a, “The Messenger of Allah [Mohammed] said: ‘I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah, that Mohammad is the messenger of Allah, and they establish [Islamic] prayer …”

ISIS Fighter Shows Captured Iraqi Soldier To The Camera Before Their Execution

ISIS Fighter Shows Captured Iraqi Soldier To The Camera Before Their Execution

By Tarek Fatah, Toronto Sun – “The world is ablaze in an orgy of jihadi terror and war in the lands of Islam and no one seems to know what to make of it, let alone how to resolve the crisis.

The brutality of this mayhem was best captured in a deeply disturbing video released on the Internet by jihadis fighting for the ‘Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’ (ISIS).

It shows a bearded, young ISIS fighter in full battle gear posing for the camera with a decapitated head in his hand.

On cue from the cameraman, the jihadi fighter lifts the head, turns towards it and says, ‘Hello, my name is John.’

Both men then break into laughter, after which the cameraman derisively remarks, ‘Why doesn’t John look like he died of natural causes?’

The decapitated head is then thrown to the ground as another ISIS man can be heard off camera joking: ‘This guy died of natural causes by a knife … It cut his throat’, to which the cameraman guffaws, ‘Natural causes — the mujahedeen … Natural cause for an apostate,’ before chanting the Islamic battle cry, ‘Allah O Akbar.’

This desecration of a dead body is not an isolated incident.

Just last year the Taliban were filmed playing football with the decapitated heads of beheaded prisoners — fellow Muslims.

And while much of the Islamic community is in a state of denial, blinded to the atrocities being committed by their co-religionists across the globe, the rest of the world watches in shock.

In Kenya and Nigeria Islamists are targeting Christians while in Iraq and Pakistan they are killing Shia Muslims, who Saudi-funded clerics have designated as ‘Kaffirs’’, non-believers in Islamic disguise whose founders, they falsely claim, were Jews.

The apologists among us claim these atrocities are not part of the Islamic rules of war, but that does not withstand scrutiny.

The fact is, no less a person than the grandson of Prophet Muhammad was beheaded in battle by fellow Muslims on Oct. 10, 680. His decapitated head was paraded in the streets of Damascus.

The eminent Egyptian Islamic reformer of the 20th century, Ali Abd al-Razik, writes in his book Islam and the Fundamentals of Authority that within a year of Prophet Muhammad’s death Read more…

Tribulation: ISIS Terrorists In Iraq Reportedly Destroy All Churches In Mosul

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What was true throughout Islam’s sordid 1,400-year history of death and destruction remains true today. Even if ISIS and all like-minded beasts succeeded in destroying every last church of brick and stone built upon the face of the earth, they will never succeed in prevailing against the Church that is built upon the Rock

“I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” – Jesus Christ

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Church In Mosul Set On Fire After ISIS Forces Capture City

Church In Mosul Set On Fire After ISIS Forces Capture City

AINA – “Sources in Tikrit and Mosul have told AINA that ISIS has cut off water and electricity to some parts of the cities. The villages surrounding Mosul have also lost their water service, which was provided by the water purification plant in Mosul. In the Assyrian villages of Bartella and Qaraqosh, residents are now buying water at 7,000 Iraqi Dinars per cubic meter ($6.25). Village leaders are calling for relief, as the residents cannot afford to purchase water at these rates.

The Arabic language website Alghadeer is reporting that ISIS has destroyed all churches in Mosul. AINA has not independently confirmed this.

In Tikrit internet service is sporadic, less than one our per day, and limited to email and Google. There is no presence of the Iraqi government.

In the Assyrian city of Dohuk there is fear among the residents and anxiety about the “political map” — as one resident put it. The Assyrians of Dohuk do not want to live under ISIS rule.

According to an Assyrian living in Baghdad, Baghdad is calm at the moment. ISIS is fighting 40 miles north of the city, not closer as reported by media sources. The city’s population, which is 90% Shiite, is armed and ready to fight ISIS.

The source said it is unlikely that ISIS would attack Baghdad, as they are greatly outnumbered, but there are many ISIS sleeper cells in Baghdad which may strike and wreak havoc.” Source – AINA.

Acts 14:22, “… continue in the faith … we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God.”

Flashback: Barrage, Bomb, Burn …

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