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The Al Qaeda Spring Is Here

We all saw the bitter fruit that the “Arab Spring” produced. Now a new crop will reveal just how poisonous it truly is …

Daniel 8:25, “He will be a master of deception and will become arrogant; he will destroy many without warning. He will even take on the Prince of princes in battle, but he will be broken, though not by human power.”

By Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Mag – “Many of us declared the Arab Spring dead and buried. But the Arab Spring really came in two phases.

The first phase was the political destabilization of formerly stable Arab countries by liberals and Islamists. The second phase was an armed conflict by Islamists to take over entire countries.

These phases overlapped in some cases and the second phase has been underway for a while already. In Libya and Syria the first phase of the Arab Spring became the second phase. When protests didn’t work, the Islamists turned to force. When elections didn’t work for them in Libya, they turned to force for a second time. The Benghazi attack was arguably a collateral effect of Islamist attempts to take over Libya after a poor election performance that same summer.

Advocates of the Arab Spring promised that political Islam would lead to an end to Islamic terrorism, but armed Jihad and political Jihad are two phases of the same Islamic struggle. Now the shift to the second phase is complete. The real beneficiaries of the Arab Spring were always going to be those who had the most guns and cared the least about dying in battle. And that was always going to be Al Qaeda.

Libya and Syria’s civil wars had a ripple effect as weapons were seized and recruits assembled. The lessons of the Afghan wars should have made it clear that the Jihadists involved in those conflicts would not simply go home and live normal lives once the fighting was concluded.

Instead they would find other wars to fight.

The War on Terror was fed by veterans of those wars. So were a dozen more minor Jihadist conflicts that don’t normally make the news. Those conflicts produced their own veterans and spread the war around.

The Arab Spring was supposed to use ‘moderate’ political Islamists to thwart ‘extremist’ terrorists, but that was never going to happen. There is no such thing as a moderate Islamist. There are only Islamic activists more focused on one phase of the conflict. Like the distinction between the political and armed branches of terrorist groups, these distinctions are tactical. They are not ideological.

While the Muslim Brotherhood was running for office in some countries, it was waging wars in others.  While liberal foreign policy experts assumed that an Islamist group’s shift from violent to political tactics was a change in worldview, there was plenty of evidence that, like the Muslim Brotherhood, they were opportunistically working both phases of the conflict.

Even if the political Islamists had succeeded in taking over, their own internal conflicts would have boiled down to the same bloody civil wars.” Read more.

Zechariah 5:3a, 8a, ”… This is the curse [אָלָה – alah] that goes out over the face of the whole earth … This is Wickedness …”

Flashback: ‘A New Era Of Chaos’: Arab Spring Yields To Muslim Winter … And It’s Here To Stay – “In France, more than 1000 cars were torched across the country on New Year’s Eve [by Muslims] … In Iraq, the government has lost control of the city of Fallujah … On Christmas Day, car bombs exploded outside three churches … In Lebanon, a car bomb exploded in Beirut on Friday, killing or wounding dozens… In Syria, the anti-government uprising remains dominated by Sunni fundamentalists…  In Afghanistan, Islamic repression is increasing … Fire-bombings of Coptic churches by Muslim extremists remain ongoing [in Egypt] … In Libya, a power vacuum exists in the capital and armed militias have divided control of the country. In the Central African Republic, almost a million people have been displaced since the government was overthrown by Muslim rebels engaged in systemic violence against the Christian majority… In Somalia, the Muslim fundamentalist al-Shabab movement bombed a hotel …  In Iran, the government continues to move towards acquiring nuclear capacity …  Collectively, these events – all recent – tell us something we don’t want to hear. ‘We have entered a new era of chaos, the Arab Spring has given way to the Muslim winter’ …” Read more.

Flashback: Muslim Group: ‘Christianity Should Be Destroyed And Wiped From The Face Of The Earth’, It Is ‘Evil’ and ‘Demonic’ – “A Muslim group has released its plan to ‘wipe Christianity from the face of the earth,’ Islamize the West and establish an Islamic system of world government – placing those who resist ‘under a police state.’… ‘Islamic Power has returned upon the face of the earth and the Revived Global Caliphate has set eyes on the West to once and for all rid the world of Christianity and there is nothing you can do about it,’ al-Mohammedi said. He makes his objective clear.” Read more.

  1. 06/16/2014 at 2:08 PM

    God is a life giver. Those that take life can be on God’s side? Muslims, think about it.


  2. 06/16/2014 at 2:45 PM

    Iraq illustrates Obama’s failure to be a leader. If Obama had put the effort into training the Police and Military in Iraq, then the Islamic Rebels would not have been able to just walk in and take over the country. At least the Leader in Syria is able to provide military to stop Islamic Rebels from killing him.


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