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The Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria – Are You Ready For The New Caliphate?

“God help the innocents who live in any city or town controlled by the ISIS.” God help any non-Muslim who today lives in a Muslim land …

Daniel 7:7, “… and behold, a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, exceedingly strong. It had huge iron teeth; it was devouring, breaking in pieces, and trampling the residue with its feet …”

By Rick Moran, American Thinker – “The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – the terrorist group that has seized the Iraqi city of Mosul and is now driving toward Baghdad – has now carved out a ‘nation sized’ area that ‘stretches from the eastern edge of the Syrian city of Aleppo to Fallujah in western Iraq – and now also includes the northern Iraqi city of Mosul,’ says the Washington Post. Their goal is to establish a new Caliphate – and they’re well on the way of doing so.

The fall of Mosul to the extremists on Tuesday, after the apparent collapse of Iraqi security forces there, offers only the latest example of the extraordinary resurgence of the militant organization in the past 2½ years, aided to a large extent by the vacuum of authority in neighboring Syria.

The al-Qaeda in Iraq organization that confronted U.S. troops has since renamed itself to reflect its expanded activities in Syria, and it has fallen out with the al-Qaeda leadership. It has also become a far more lethal, effective and powerful force than it was when U.S. forces were present in Iraq.

“This is a force that is ideologically motivated, battle hardened and incredibly well equipped,” said Douglas Ollivant of the New America Foundation, who advised the Obama and George W. Bush administrations on Iraq, served two tours of duty in that country and has business interests there. “It also runs the equivalent of a state. It has all the trappings of a state, just not an internationally recognized one.”

ISIS owes its resurrection in no small part to the chaos in Syria, where large swaths of territory in areas bordering Iraq were falling out of government control just as U.S. troops were leaving, Ollivant said.

Most of ISIS’s expansion has come in the past year, however, after the group’s Iraqi leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, announced its new mission in Syria and began recruiting across the northern and eastern parts of the country that were under rebel control. ISIS lured into its ranks the bulk of the thousands of foreign volunteers, some from Europe and the United States, who have streamed into Syria to wage jihad, further bolstering its numbers.

The group’s exact strength is not known, but Aymenn al-Tamimi, who monitors jihadist activity for the Middle East Forum, said its swift takeover of Mosul at a time when it is also fighting on other fronts suggests that it has a larger force than the 10,000 or so men it is widely reported to control.

With their own state comes the ability to set up training camps and funding sources so that their terrorists can strike anywhere in the world – including the US.” Read more.

Hundreds Of Thousands Flee As Another Iraqi City Is Seized By Muslim Warlord Who Is More ‘Virulent And Violent Than Bin Laden’ – And Building An Empire – “The Iraq government teeters on the brink of collapse this evening as Islamic jihadists led by a warlord considered ‘more virulent and violent than Osama bin Laden’ took control of a second city in as many days. In a spectacular blow to the Shiite-led government, the militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (also known as Isis) and their allies seized oil-rich Mosul and surrounding Nineveh province followed by Tikrit where they freed hundreds of prisoners. There is now growing panic that Isis will move to take Baghdad, just 80 miles to the south. The offensive sparked a massive exodus of soldiers and civilians, with as many as half a million Iraqis fleeing their homes and entering in neighbouring Kurdish-controlled zones sparking a major refugee crisis.” Read more.

Flashback: Expert: Islam Is ‘Metastasizing Worldwide’, Muslims Are ‘Feeling Empowered To Resurrect An Islamic Caliphate’ – “A leading expert on Islamic terrorism says al-Qaida is different but as dangerous as ever because the U.S. failed to lead properly… Al-Qaida has evolved greatly from how it functioned around the time of the terrorist attacks in September 2001. Instead of a powerful central organization, it now exists primarily as many different regional organizations spread out from east Asia to North Africa and each group largely appears to be making their own decisions. New FBI Director James Comey recently told New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt that al-Qaida’s current strength is a major surprise.” Read more.

Flashback: Islam: The Greatest Murder Machine In History, ‘The Enormity Of The Slaughters … Are So Far Beyond Comprehension That Even Honest Historians Overlook The Scale’ – “When one thinks of mass murder, Hitler comes to mind. If not Hitler, then Tojo, Stalin, or Mao. Credit is given to the 20th-century totalitarians as the worst species of tyranny to have ever arisen. However, the alarming truth is that Islam has killed more than any of these, and may surpass all of them combined in numbers and cruelty. The enormity of the slaughters of the ‘religion of peace’ are so far beyond comprehension that even honest historians overlook the scale. When one looks beyond our myopic focus, Islam is the greatest killing machine in the history of mankind, bar none.” Read more.

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